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Introducing: “What's On Tap in Chicago This Weekend”

"What's On Tap in Chicago This Weekend" aims to bring you the best of what this great city has to offer on a weekly basis.
Chicago Events

What's On Tap in Chicago This Weekend has been an idea of mine ever since I was brought on here at On Tap Sports Net. My plan is to provide a one-stop shop for all the festivals, events, concerts, and sporting events going on in the city. I want it to be an invitation to anyone who is wanting to partake in the biggest party of life in the world’s greatest city.


In June of 2019, I finally achieved my life dream of moving to downtown Chicago. I hated suburban life. It felt watered down, monotonous, and disingenuous. In the city, my life has become much more vibrant, beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. While attending various events that would have been featured in this article series, I have met people who are becoming lifelong friends inside and outside of On Tap.

Last summer proved to me the saying “Strangers are just friends who we haven’t met yet” to be not only a true statement but a way of life. That's why I want to provide this guide — so people can figure out their weekend plans, whether it be a large group, their closest friends, strangers, or just themselves. It is easier to find connections as a society doing the things we love. I know that after COVID-19 I will never take life for granted again.

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This idea was put on the back burner because the pandemic has canceled or postponed countless events and taken the wind out of everyone’s sails. While I have been sequestering in my house to avoid the virus, I still feel like there are innovative ways to celebrate the greatest city in the world, even during a raging global pandemic. Remember, this city burned down and rebuilt itself bigger and better, so a pandemic isn’t a challenge we can’t handle. We WILL come out on the other side.

What It Will Entail

Once we get the all-clear, this article series will serve its true purpose: bringing people together to celebrate everything Chicago.

While enjoying the events I will highlight in future articles, I hope you take social distancing and wearing a mask seriously so you can enjoy them safely, and keep others around you safe. We all want to be able to raise our favorite drink together to #CrackUm at bars, patios, backyards, and block parties once this is all over and celebrate the greatest city in the world.

The first edition of What's On Tap in Chicago This Weekend just dropped, so check it out and enjoy the weekend!