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New Music Friday: Kim Kaey, Kap Slap Help Kick Off The Weekend

New singles from Kim Kaey and Kap Slap plus a fresh Spring mix are just what you need on the first Friday of March.
New Music Friday Kim Kaey Kap Slap Spring Break Mix 2022

I don't know about you, but I've got an extra pep in my step this Friday. March is here, Spring on the horizon, and it's finally not freeze-your-bones cold out all the damn time. Even better, two of my favorite EDM artists dropped new music that enhanced my uplifted mood. Kim Kaey's new single "You & I" and Kap Slap's Spring Break Mix 2022, featuring his collab "Run" with Bella Renee, have me ready to dive head-first into the weekend.

Kim Kaey - You & I

Kim Kaey's upbeat house tunes always bring the energy. Add in a satisfying vocal track and this one will surely help you power through the final hours of the workweek.

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Kap Slap - Spring Break Mix 2022

Kap Slap is truly blessing EDM fans this week. On Monday, he dropped his 2022 Spring Break Mix. I've been a fan of this annual release since 2015, so I was pumped to see it hit SoundCloud on the final day of February.

Kap Slap & Bella Renee - Run

Within the aforementioned mix, Kap Slap played his new song featuring Bella Renee, "Run." The single officially hit Spotify today, so adding it to my Spring EDM playlist was a no-brainer.