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Righting A Wrong For Keith Hernandez

It is time Keith Hernandez is given the public apology he so richly deserves after being falsely accused of a despicable act.
Seinfeld Loogie Game Episode Keith Hernandez

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Today marks 35 years since one of the world's greatest travesties in the court of public opinion. A man of integrity and high moral fiber had his name dragged through the mud. He received only cursory apologies to this point, but it is high time his name has all tarnish removed from it. Of course, I'm talking about legendary New York Mets player and current broadcaster, Keith Hernandez.

On this day, he was wrongfully accused by postal employee Newman and Cosmo Kramer of launching a magic loogie on the pair following a tough Mets loss. Those of us who have studied Hernandez's career, know that he is not the type of individual to perpetrate such an act.

The Events

Newman and Kramer went into elaborate detail with Jerry and Elaine regarding the events on June 14, 1987. Jerry, always the inquisitive one, remained skeptical of the details and quickly found the holes in the fable.

Newman and Kramer continued on with their charade believing that Hernandez would commit such a heinous act. For one, who could blame Hernandez after he was derided by the pair following a tough defeat at the hands of the hated Phillies. Alas, the details of the day simply didn't add up to casual observers and Jerry himself.

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The immutable laws of physics would contradict the entire tale, but that wasn't enough to dissuade Newman from continuing to carry on with this preposterous charade. In due time, he would have no choice but to admit what we all knew.

Face to Face with Keith Hernandez

Hernandez finally had his day in the court of public opinion when he stood face to face with his accusers as he was preparing to move into his new high-rise apartment with the help of Jerry, much to Kramer's dismay. An epic confrontation that has stood the test of time ensued, and ultimately resulted in one man's name being cleared.

When confronted with the evidence, Newman and Kramer had no choice but to admit their fault and come to the realization that the upstanding citizen, Hernandez, played no role in the day's events. Rather, it was that scoundrel, Roger McDowell, who was indeed the lone spitter.

Hernandez's thrilling confrontation and recollection of the events helped to right one of the great historical wrongs of our generation. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that Keith Hernandez would never think to commit the crimes of which he was accused. Rather, only someone of poor moral fiber or a Phillie, would do such a thing.

It is high time we put some respect on Keith Hernandez's name and give him the public apology he so richly deserves. For years, the man's good name was tarnished publicly and he sat by silently biding his time until he could face his accusers as a man. A lot can change over the course of 35 years, but it is high time the events of that fateful day start to be remembered for what really took place.