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Loki Episode 3 Recap and Reaction: 'Lamentis-1'

Episode three of Loki, titled "Lamentis-1", delivered big after a very wild ending to episode two, which left viewers wanting more.
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Episode three of the Disney+ hit show Loki has come and gone really fast. I mean that literally, the episode is only 36 minutes long, and time travel is often viewed as just a blip on the timeline. Lamentis-1 definitely does not disappoint as a follow up to episode two. Note, there are spoilers in this article.


Lamentis-1 begins by showing the audience how "Lady-Loki", A.K.A. Sylvie, enchants her victims to gain information. Using her abilities, Sylvie invades the mind of a young TVA soldier to discover how to reach the Time Keepers.

Next, we see where she and "our" Loki went when they jumped through the portal to end episode two. They traveled to the TVA itself. Some fighting ensues and Sylvie makes her way towards the elevator which leads to the Time Keepers. Slyvie and Loki fight, but are caught, and travel through yet another portal using the TemPad.

The pair end up on the moon Lamentis-1, one of the many apocalypses in which Sylvie has been hiding. This particular one involves a planet crashing into a nearby moon and obliterating it completely. Sounds lovely right? Sylvie claims Loki brought them to the worst of the apocalypses saved on the TemPad and tells him he's a fool.

The TemPad now needs to be recharged after it's use and the two devise a plan to find a power source. Some fantastic banter continues between them as they attempt the plan and make their way towards a train. The train is transporting the wealthy to an "Ark" to vacate the moon before it's destroyed. They use their powers jointly, and also individually, to sneak aboard the train before it departs.

Photo: Disney/Marvel

Photo: Disney/Marvel

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However, after some more dialogue between the two Lokis, the one we're familiar with gets a little drunk and draws far too much attention to them. Slyvie and Loki fight the guards and get thrown from the train, breaking the TemPad completely.

They now have one option: get aboard the Ark and help it get off the moon, which it didn't do normally, inevitably causing another variant in the timeline. The two begin walking towards the Ark where Sylvie drops a bomb of knowledge on Loki, which I'll get to later. After, they fight their way to get to the Ark when it gets destroyed, stranding them on the apocalyptic moon and the episode ends.

Lamentis-1 Big Reveal

I mentioned above that Sylvie dropped a huge piece of knowledge upon Loki. We learned in episode one that all TVA employees are created by the Time Keepers. According to Sylvie, that's false. All TVA employees are actually former Variants, just like her and Loki. She didn't dive into it in any further detail, but it brings up several things. How don't any of the employees know about this? Does this explain how they found Sylvie in the first place? It creates more issues simply by being there and it undoubtedly will be addressed very soon.


I thought this episode was great! The landscape of the Lamentis-1 moon was gorgeous and droll. The dialogue between Sylvie and Loki was great, albeit sub-par to Loki and Mobius. Watching Loki fight someone who is really a different version of himself is great and makes you wonder if they'll truly end up working together.

Love was an underlying theme in some of the discussion between these two characters and I enjoyed seeing that side of Loki. It's possible that he finally has found someone who will love him for who he really is.

My biggest complaint was that the episode was so short. I want more! The cliffhanger ending is great, but it's maddening that we have to wait a whole week to see how they get off Lamentis-1. In my opinion, the TVA is going to show up detecting some kind of new Variant and take them into custody.

I greatly anticipate episode four next Wednesday and I think more questions will be answered. Although, this is Loki and it wouldn't be mischievous if more questions weren't brought up.