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Loki Episode Six Season Finale Recap and Reaction: ‘For All Time. Always.’

The season finale of Disney+'s Loki provides some answers, but it leaves you with a whole lot more questions.
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Loki Season Finale

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Disney+'s Loki has concluded its six-episode first season. This article is going to be focused on the finale episode itself. Going into the episode, it was hard to know what to expect. With standard TV series, it's not uncommon to see the major action/event take place in the penultimate episode so the finale sets up where the next season goes. It was never clear if Loki was more of a traditional TV series (like Falcon and The Winter Solider) or limited series (like WandaVision). Now that the dust has settled it's quite a bit clearer in that final sense. Let's dive into 'For All Time. Always'.


While I'll do my best to avoid doing so too much, a spoiler warning is in effect.

The Land Beyond Alioth

The finale wasted no time diving right into where we left off in episode 5's 'Journey Into Mystery'. We pick up with Loki and Sylvie having just gotten past Alioth, the timeline-consuming guard dog. The pair reach the citadel hidden at the end of time. I loved the design throughout it. The shiny streaks throughout looked like fractures in the material (or a timeline perhaps?). Our duo is promptly greeted by Miss Minutes, one of Disney's sexiest clock-faced characters of all time. She reveals that she's got a boss, and he's looking to make a deal.

He Who Remains

We meet a new character in this finale, and it didn't happen in the end credits. Actor Jonathan Majors makes his first appearance in the MCU. He had been cast for a role in 2023's Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania. It was never announced who he would be playing in the movie, but the internet has had its suspicions. Some here at On Tap even predicted he'd appear before the end of Loki.

The episode bounced back and forth between the citadel and TVA HQ, so we will focus on each as their own section. Jonathan Majors was absolutely fantastic. If he had been eligible for the 2021 show, I'd bet this performance would be up for a guest-starring Emmy. His presence/tone/speaking pattern all bounced around in a very unnerving way. He also did a great job telling a story with his body when he wasn't talking. He tells of the founding of the TVA. Eventually getting into how he came into his current position. He lays out his proposed deal and our heroes don't see eye-to-eye on how to answer it.

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Sylvie and Loki discuss the scenario and have themselves a great lil scene. The variant decides for both of them and quickly Loki is back at the TVA. Her chat with He Who Remains continues.

Meanwhile at the TVA

Our first interlude at the TVA is right after Miss Minutes leaves the citadel. She pops by Judge Renslayer's office/chambers (she is a judge, right?). After Renslayer talks to Miss Minutes she shows hesitation for the first time this series. We cut to a scene where B-15 reveals some truths to a fellow hunter.

We get a final great Owen Wilson dialog exchange as Mobius returns from the void to confront Judge Renslayer. They have an exceptional back and forth and the scene left me excited to learn more as it concluded. We return to the TVA for the final time and see Loki. He rushes through HQ to find Mobius and B-15, but perspectives change as the scene settles in.


I thought it was a terrific finale to a fantastic show. I was excited to watch Loki and so hopeful of Owen Wilson keeping the streak of comedic performers crushing it in the MCU alive. Both far exceeded what I could have hoped for.

As for the episode itself, I haven't been shy about how much I loved Jonathan Majors' performance. The art design was also visually pleasing. I liked the way the show bounced around between the two locations throughout the whole episode. In a show where time is non-linear, it adds to the story IMO. I would have been a bit leery of the episode if not for the most glorious post-credit scene of them all, "Loki will return in Season 2". Knowing we will be back, likely before Quantumania releases, makes all the loose ends more exciting.

Stay tuned as the On Tap crew will be releasing a season-long review/reaction piece. We will also drop a group predictions/theories after watching the whole season plus WandaVision.