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Netflix's Day Shift Is A Brilliant Blend Of Action and Comedy

Suspend your mind's desire for realism and enjoy this ridiculous vampire gem.
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Netflix Day Shift vampire Jamie Foxx Snoop Dogg Dave Franco

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If you're looking for a fun movie that you shouldn't take seriously, then Day Shift is a perfect choice. Netflix struck gold with this vampire flick that's packed with ridiculous action, unwavering jokes, and a star-studded cast.

Day Shift Review

Overall, Day Shift is your usual vampire movie. The humans hunt them using sunlight, silver, garlic, and wooden stakes. But where this film really shines is with its comedy, both intended and unintended. Jamie Foxx plays Bud Jablonski, a vampire hunter desperately trying to make a quick buck to stop his ex-wife and daughter from moving to Florida.

In order to do so, he attempts to rejoin The Union, a vampire-hunting group where the big money is made. Bud's old friend Big John, played by Snoop Dogg, uses his influence with the group to bring Bud back but it comes with one condition.

Seth, a Union rep hilariously played by Dave Franco, must accompany Bud on his ventures back into vampire hunting. Franco plays an ambitious yet desk-bound employee who has no business being in the field. During his first encounter with vampires in the field, he pees his pants warranting a hilarious response from Bud.

The film gets predictable but it retains its fun as it morphs into a buddy-cop, action/comedy. Its hilarious nature and fast-paced plot leave little to the imagination and bring a different lens to the vampire genre.

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Netflix Wins This One

We need more satirical horror/action blends in the world. This film gives off serious 'Shaun of the Dead' vibes in certain aspects and it works so well. When you first turn on Day Shift, it seems as though it's going to be a typical vampire movie with horror and action.

But as Jamie Foxx takes down his first undead on-screen, it immediately becomes clear that these vampires aren't typical. Watching them twist, bend, contort, and eventually bleed black goo is hilarious.

This movie has some insane action sequences. Pulling the slide back on a pistol to eject a live round into the air as another person does multiple flips, catching that round in their own pistol, chambering it, and firing it into a vamp's skull within seconds, is a bit over the top.

Yet Scott Adkins pulls it off with his martial arts ability and it looks cool.

Day Shift is an insanely fun action flick and it's worth pulling up Netflix to watch it immediately!

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