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New Halo Infinite Trailer Initial Reaction

The new Halo Infinite trailer packs a small but mighty punch.
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Halo Infinite Trailer

Photo: Bungie/343 Industries

E3 2021 came and went faster than a Marian Hossa slapshot in a shootout. It was filled with plenty of information and beautiful graphics to gorge yourself on. One of the defining moments for me personally was the new Halo Infinite trailer. This new trailer did not give a ton of information but it did provide a look at the landscape of the game. It also gave us a brief glimpse at Master Chief and his new partner.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you can view it here below:

Graphics and Landscape

We already knew from previous gameplay trailers that this installment of the Halo series was going to be huge and beautiful. The developers are working with a new engine and its power is showcased much better in the previous trailer.

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What we did see in the new footage is an overall picture of just how beautiful this game will be. There is a brief overhead shot of the landscape of the Halo ring and it looks incredible.

Story and a new A.I.?

At the end of this Halo Infinite trailer, I immediately felt like I was cheating on Cortana. I wrote before about Halo 2's ending and how impactful it was to leave Cortana on that Covenant ship. She is just as much the main character as the Chief is and her emotional attachment to the story has grown and evolved nearly as much.

In this trailer, Master Chief has a few lines of dialogue with a new A.I. similar to Cortana and he places her inside his head! It appears as though Master Chief is upgrading to a younger technology to assist in his journey. This is a bit surprising to me. I fully expected Chief to go around without any A.I. interface and assistance.

There is only a small portion of the story that we can decipher from this trailer. The Chief has a lot of work to do in his upcoming battle against The Banished. He also has to figure out who it was that took Cortana and why they didn't delete this new A.I.

Overall, the new Halo Infinite trailer makes me excited for the new game. I believe The Banished is going to be working with the rampant Cortana and defeating this duo will be no easy task. I also think the dialogue between Master Chief and the new A.I. is a dark form of foreshadowing the death of our beloved spartan. He's defied the odds too many times throughout the entire series and this time, he just might not make it out alive.