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New Stranger Things 4 Volume Two Teaser Is Here

The first teaser for volume two hints at a huge battle.
Stranger Things 4 volume two part II teaser trailer Netflix

Photo: Stranger_Things/Twitter

Netflix released a short but oh-so-sweet teaser for volume two of Stranger Things 4 which drops on July 1. You can watch the teaser here.

*Warning Spoilers Ahead*

Stranger Things 4 Volume One Ending Sets Up A Massive Battle

Part one of Stranger Things 4 offered a lot in terms of driving the story. Eleven regained her powers, to an extent, after undergoing 'testing' by Papa yet again. Although this time, she learned more truths as did we the viewers.

The big reveal of Stranger Things 4 part one came bearing a heavy weight. Number One is Vecna, the super villain plaguing the town of Hawkins. Whether or not Vecna is the true 'big bad' of this series is yet to be revealed. But it's not likely.

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Regardless, the epic showdown between Eleven and Vecna that the Stranger Things 4 volume two teaser hints at will be truly one of a kind.

The showrunners admitted that part two's finale has more CGI involved than the entirety of season three! Considering the gigantic spider monster in season three, that's saying quite a lot.

Who is going to survive the two-and-a-half-hour finale in July? Will all of our favorite kids from Hawkins make it to the fifth and final season? Judging by Netflix's teaser, it's not likely.