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Paramount+ Reveals New Halo TV Series Trailer

The first real look at the live-action Master Chief is perfect and looks very intimidating. The show comes to Paramount+ in 2022.
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The 2021 Game Awards have plenty of things to not only dissect, but get excited about. The most anticipated series coming to Paramount+, the Halo series, debuted the first real look at what the show will entail.

Master Chief

There he is: the classic Spartan armor with 117 stamped on the chest for all to see and some to fear. We only see brief moments in the trailer since it's only over a minute long and just like the teaser, it is sweet!

Pablo Schreiber is taking on the role of Master Chief. You may know him from Orange is the New Black where he played 'Pornstache' and did it quite well. He's had a plethora of other roles as well that show his diversity such as Den of Thieves and Weeds. Given the fact that Master Chief doesn't speak a whole lot, I don't think Schreiber's performance can be that heavily criticized.

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Dr. Catherine Halsey

We briefly got a glimpse of Catherine Halsey, the brain behind the Spartan program and Cortana. We hear her speak in the trailer and it appears she talking to a young John.

There's a young child shown in the trailer as well and this leads me to believe that we'll see a bit of the origins of John and how he became Spartan 117.

There is a desolate looking location shown that is possibly the Ark or something similar. We also see a Pelican and plenty of ODST's preparing for battle.

Whatever the plotline is for this story, it doesn't feel to be overwhelming. I believe the studio will do right by the fans here, after several failed attempts that never happened, and we'll have a very fine adaptation.

The Halo TV series streams exclusively on Paramount+ and comes sometime in 2022.