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Prepare Yourselves; Loki Episode Four 'The Nexus Event' Will Leave Viewers Shocked

Loki episode four, "The Nexus Event" is the biggest and most shocking episode yet, and will leave viewers with their jaws on the floor until next week.

The fourth installment of Marvel's Loki was released this morning on Disney+. For a show that has already found its place amongst the best content Marvel has offered, the creators took it to another level with "The Nexus Event".


Warning: Minor Spoilers ahead for Loki Episode four: "The Nexus Event"

Return to Asgard

"The Nexus Event" opens with a flashback. After a flyover of gorgeous Asgard we see a young girl in what appears to be Loki garb playing with her toys, reimagining a battle between the famed Valkyrie and a dragon.

As we've seen so many times already, a time portal opens behind her, and out step TVA agents, who identify the girl as a variant and take her away, resetting the timeline on their way out.

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

The girl is taken to the TVA courtroom. However, before she can be sentenced, The Variant steals the agent's time pad and escapes. It's then we realize that the duped agent is no other than Ravonna.

The Time Keepers

After leaving the flashback, viewers are given their very first glimpse of the mysterious Time Keepers as current Ravonna enters their chamber to face the music. However, they are shown as just shadowy figures with glowing eyes in a smoky room.

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios


After leaving Sylvie and Loki last week with a major cliffhanger, we return to the apocalyptic scene on Lamentis-1. A defeated Loki and Sylvie have seemingly accepted their fate and grabbed a front-row seat to what appears to be the end. It's at this point we get our first real glimpse into Sylvie's tragic past. She summarizes it best with the emotional statement, "I'm not supposed to exist". The moments to follow are deep and powerful, and the two demigods are made to feel remarkably human.

Our two anti-heroes are obviously rescued from their imminent demise, although "rescued" may not be the most appropriate term considering they are taken back to the TVA in neck restraints.

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Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Loki is immediately thrown in a "Time Cell". A painful yet frankly hilarious holding cell meant to knock some sense into him. After some gut-wrenching self-reflection, Loki is returned to Mobius.

During interrogation, Loki tells Mobius that he and everyone else in the TVA are actually a variants, something that was revealed in episode three.

Big Reveals

While Loki is being interrogated, Sylvie is in another room where she is visited by a visibly troubled Hunter B-15. After a trip through a time portal, Sylvie shows B-15 a glimpse into her real past. It's an emotional moment and one that is a major turning point in the events to come.

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Photo: Disney/Marvel Studios

Shortly after a visit with Ravonna, Mobius is privy to a dark truth regarding Hunter C-20, the TVA agent Sylvie enchanted at the start of episode two. The revelation changes Mobius immediately and sets him down a new path... one with life-altering consequences.

The scenes that follow are intense and shocking. There's frankly no way for me to recap them without spoiling, and I simply don't want to do that. The final sequence of the show is a must-watch.

I will however end by saying, for the first time in the series we have a mid-credit scene. Be sure to stick around for that as there is a lot to unpack in just a few short seconds.


It took Loki creator Michael Waldron just four episodes to shock viewers in ways not felt perhaps since Avengers: Endgame. Episode four of Loki, "The Nexus Event" is easily the best episode of the series so far, and packs so much intensity into its 49 mins of runtime it felt like the climax of the show. And there are still two episodes left!

The character Loki has always been one of the most complex characters in the MCU, but he was humanized in ways we've never seen this week. Add in Sylvie who is so much more than she seems, as well as the mind-blowing reveals that come at the end of this show, and you have something truly great.

It's impossible to imagine where the show goes from here, but with only two episodes left – only time will tell.