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Remembering Kyle Pavone With His Top 5 Vocal Tracks

Kyle Pavone died August 25th, 2018, but his music lives on forever.
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Photo: Amy Harris/AP

Photo: Amy Harris/AP

It has been almost two years since the metalcore community lost one of the best young talents in the world. We Came As Romans' co-lead singer Kyle Pavone had a truly unique voice and whenever a We Came As Romans song came on, you knew exactly who it was thanks to Kyle's clean vocal tracks.

His skills on the piano were phenomenal too and the EDM-style he approached it with was superb. Being a singer myself, I am always quite impressed when a musician can sing and play simultaneously and Kyle was great at doing so.

I was lucky enough to see We Came As Romans live before this tragedy struck. In March of 2018, they came to downtown Joliet and played The Forge. I was three shows into a five-shows-in-six-weeks bender during this month. At this point, my voice was gone and my body had taken a beating from the most wonderful people I've ever slammed into.

We Came As Romans is from Detroit and if you didn't know, Kyle was a big fan of the Detroit Red Wings. When they finally made their way to the stage, I noticed Kyle had a Red Wings shirt on and he could very clearly see me standing in front of him. He pointed at me wearing my Blackhawks hoodie and grabbed his own shirt with a big grin on his face. Then the show started and it was incredible.

Little did I know, this would be the only time I'd ever get to see one of my favorite singers. Kyle passed in August 2018 due to an accidental overdose. In his memory, here are my top five favorite songs from We Came As Romans, and yes, they all have Kyle's unique tone singling them out.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble (Taylor Swift Cover) - Punk Goes Pop Vol. 6

No apologies
She'll never see you cry
Pretend she doesn't know
That she's the reason why

One of the unique traits to this band was their ability to take chances, so turning a Taylor Swift song into a metalcore gem on the quite popular Punk Goes Pop series takes the cake here. It's a beautifully written song and Kyle does a phenomenal job at bringing his own style to it.

4. Never Let Me Go - Tracing Back Roots

My hands welcome yours, as you begin to save me. I'm now starting to accept, your rescue completely.

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This could have multiple interpretations: he's finally accepting religious guidance into his heart, he's struggling with his own life and a friend came to help, or he's found a true love who accepts him for who he really is. Whatever your interpretation is of the lyrics; don't give up and remember somewhere by someone: you are loved.

3. Hope - Tracing Back Roots

We all fall, crawl out of the fear you're in

Don't give up

This is probably their most distinguishable song with such an upbeat tempo and an inspiring message. Everyone goes through difficult times and pulling yourself out of it helps you grow as an individual. There is always hope.

2. A War Inside - Understanding What We've Grown To Be

I should have started to take my own advice from the moment that I started giving it... Though I've lost my way more times than I have wished. My heart is constant and willing

Your inner conflict never stops and you'll never be able to absorb that light that's actually at the end of the tunnel unless you fight through the tunnel first. Everyone has this conflict, whether small or large, and overcoming the challenge is what makes you who you really are.

1. Wasted Age - Cold Like War

You're telling me right now
You're scared, again and now you're losing composure
You're telling me right now
You cared, but you were never honest
I don't even want it

This is my all-time favorite We Came As Romans song and one of the songs I listen to most during a workout. This song is full of anger and curiosity. It's full of love and resentment. It encompasses pain and begs the question of why?

Kyle Pavone will be forever missed in the metalcore community and I hope you can take some of the positive inspirations from his lyrics as I have.