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A Seinfeld Lego Set Will Hit Stores in August 2021

Seinfield fans will soon be able to recreate iconic scenes from the popular nine-season sitcom in Lego form.
Seinfeld Lego Set


Lego has announced that on August 1, 2021, a Seinfeld set will be released.

Fans will be able to recreate iconic scenes from the nine-season sitcom, such as Kramer’s “These pretzels are making me thirsty” bit, George’s Marble Rye scene, or Festivus’s “Feats of Strength”.

The set includes Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and Newman and plenty of other setups, as well. The basic set includes Jerry’s apartment layout.

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Seinfeld Legos


As a fan of Seinfeld since I was a child, this is iconic. It’s up there with the Breaking Bad lab Legos they no longer sell. That said, this is nostalgic for plenty of Seinfeld fans and can be an awesome collector’s item!