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Does the New Stranger Things Trailer Hint at This Main Character's Death?

Whose time is numbered in Stranger Things season 4 part 2? The trailer may be hinting at someone in particular.
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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Release Date

Photo: Netflix

Stranger Things season four part two is releasing on July 1, 2022. Ahead of that, Netflix has released a new trailer to get fans foaming at the mouth. They did not fail in that mission. As I watched and then re-watched it, I got the nagging feeling that we are going to lose a major character this finale. Not only that, I got the vibe that they are pointing to one in particular. But first, let's talk about the trailer itself.

Stranger Things Season 4 Part 2 Trailer

The trailer is geared to get us all primed for the massive battle that is to come between Eleven and Vecna. Throughout we get a combination of character voice overs, shots of the crew, shots of the Upside-Down, and Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill. We hear Dr. Brenner and El talking about the task at hand. There will likely be a massive battle when she goes Super Saiyan and escapes his clutches. Oh, and Will finally talks about the Upside-Down. He's super-duper connected to it, which has been at the core of every season and somehow never came up in part 1!

The crew will spend a lot of time in the Upside-Down trying to bring back Nancy. Eddie is gonna finally shred the axe like a badass. And finally, Eleven will square off with Vecna aka Peter Ballard aka 001 aka Henry Kreel. With all of that coming our way shortly, there's a lot that can befall our Hawkins crew. And I think this trailer showed us one who is particularly doomed.

Steve Harrington Will Die in Part 2

It stings to write this. Steve "The Hair" Harrington has been a core part of what made Stranger Things so excellent since its release. He managed to go from typical asshole '80s jock to a fan-favorite character in no time. Heck, I bet most people didn't even hate him for a full day since they binged the first season and loved him by its end. So why do I think he meets his maker? A couple of reasons, actually.

Voice Over Cut Shots and a Red Herring

As mentioned above in my brief review, the Stranger Things trailer is filled with voice overs. We hear a lot from Dr. Brenner, Eleven, and Vecna. I want to focus on three particular ones now.

At the midpoint of the trailer, we see a scene between Robin and Steve where she says "it might not work out for us this time." He looks at her in a way I would describe as 'dreamy-somber'. I think Robin's days are number too, but that's for a different article. Near the end of the trailer, we hear Vecna say "It is over. Now I just want you to watch." Who's the first character we see? Steve of course! There is one specific clip I want to zero in on, though.

Photo: Netflix

As I said, 'dreamy-somber'.Photo: Netflix

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Early in the trailer, we hear Dr. Brenner say "Your friends are not prepared for this fight" as the camera hops to a shot of Steve in a car with Nancy. As the dialog is heard, the focus shifts Nancy to the foreground and Steve to the back. They're showing us that Nancy is the focus, the one truly in danger, right? Not at all! The message I got from that is that Steve is fading away, and that is going to massively affect Nancy and co. Plus with Nancy stuck in the Upside-Down, I think she's got solid plot armor. Also, she's basically turning into Ripley from 1986's Aliens.

Nancy firing a shotgun in Stranger Things Season 4 part 2 trailer

Photo: Netflix

I mean, come on.
Photo: 20th Century Fox/Netflix

Stranger Things Already Has a Steve Replacement Lined Up

One of the most significant things in the world of Stranger Things is the connection to Dungeons & Dragons. We have our hero, Eleven. Eleven is going to need nine other people to have any chance at winning. Why is that? As depicted in the first episode of season four, to beat a truly powerful foe you need to roll a fabled 20. The main Hawkins crew: Mike, Dustin, Will, Lucas, Nancy, Steve, Jonathan, Max, and Robin. This means that if any core character dies, someone is going to have to fill in. Insert my favorite new character introduced in season four, Eddie Munson.

Eddie is a natural replacement for Steve. He's someone the kids, especially Dustin, look up to. He's a hottie, that's going to be important too, mostly just for me though. We know that music is important in thwarting Vecna from Max and the aforementioned Running Up That Hill in part one. Eddie's shred a tasty lick, we saw it in the trailer. Eddie is also deeeeeeep in the lore of Dungeons & Dragons. That's going to be significant, because Stranger Things doesn't end with season four. There is more to come, and his love of D&D will be paramount in the endgame.

Photo: NEtflix

Eddie shredding his axe in the Upside-Down.Photo: Netflix

Do you think one of the major characters will fail to reach season five? If not Steve, who you got? We don't have long to wait, with part two of Stranger Things dropping in a little over a week. Until then, stay tuned to On Tap Sports Net's pop culture page. There will be more theories to come, as well as reviews when it drops.