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Has Thanksgiving Become An Afterthought Holiday?

Thanksgiving is the middle child of holidays that just wants the love it deserves.
Thanksgiving Forgotten Holiday

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Thanksgiving is upon us. There is a crisp in the air. The fall foliage is absolutely flourishing. Leaves are falling. It now gets dark by the time you finish your lunch.

There has always been something about Thanksgiving that seems to make it one of the more overlooked holidays. It follows an extremely popular child-friendly holiday in Halloween and occurs right before the Grand Daddy of all holidays in Christmas.

There is no one thing that makes Thanksgiving stick out. Yes, there is the food, but a big feast is also synonymous with Christmas. There are plenty of Halloween movies and Christmas flicks, but you will be hard-pressed to find movies about the drama that comes along with a Thanksgiving meal.

In my opinion, the biggest reason Thanksgiving has become an afterthought is the need for retail stores and the media to push Christmas down our throats. Everyone has seen the memes that show Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas" entering the top charts on streaming services. You've probably been to your local grocery store that already has Christmas candy/decorations out. Most people have a friend or family member that already has their Christmas tree up. Radio stations start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween.

I have no problem with people spreading the Christmas cheer and extending that as much as possible. Taking place at a wonderful time of year, Christmas is a truly positive holiday. But I am here to stand up for Thanksgiving, so here are some reasons we all need to stop overlooking Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Food

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This needs almost zero explanation. The food at Thanksgiving simply cannot be matched. On which other holidays can you only indulge in a certain delicacy? The answer to that question is none.

Stuffing is a gift from the Gods. It's so good that society only allows us one time of year to let that beautiful creation melt in our mouths.

The only expectation of you is to stuff your face with as much food as possible. A holiday that centers around food simply should not be overlooked by anyone.

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Jacoby Jones Thanksgiving Turkey Leg

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Thanksgiving gives us wall-to-wall football on a Thursday. There is no other holiday that gives us all-day NFL action on a Thursday. NBA on Christmas Day is awesome, but that is the only argument I will hear against this point.

But football is still king. Being able to bet on football all day long while avoiding awkward family conversations is a gift of its own.

There are also NCAA Basketball tournaments, NCAA Football, and IHSA State Championship games. Thanksgiving is almost as much of a sports holiday as it is a food holiday.


This goes for all holidays, but it needs to be said. You can drink all day and not be judged on Thanksgiving. Simple as that.

Crack Um Traditions

I am old with a kid now, but Blackout Wednesday is a low-key great time to run into some old high school flings.


We all have that Uncle that has three plates of food, five whiskeys, and then takes a cat nap during the Cowboys game. You know the best part of that? No one cares! It's universally acceptable to take a quick cat nap and then blame it on the tryptophan.

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Name another holiday where it is okay to take a nap? I'll save you the time, there is none.


work GIF

One of the most underrated parts of Thanksgiving is what it symbolizes for your work expectations. It's time to kick up your feet. People take time off, Christmas is around the corner, and the bossman isn't really expecting much from an output standpoint.

This year, I simply ask that we all appreciate Thanksgiving. It is the middle child of holidays that just wants the love it deserves. You have almost a full month after Thanksgiving to celebrate Christmas, so give the turkey its time to shine. Gobble gobble.