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The Best and Worst of 2020 Super Bowl Commercials

Some companies get their money's worth with Super Bowl ads, while other create uninspired commercials and burn away $5.6 million.

The Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year. Seemingly every TV in America is tuned in to watch the National Football League crown a champion. With all eyes tuned in, it is not just time to shine for football players, but also for advertisers. Super Bowl commercials have long been a popular part of the event along with the game's halftime show.

A 30-second advertisement on FOX for this year's big game cost advertisers $5.6 million. That is a hefty chunk of change, so these ad creators need to bring their A-game. Not only will people talk about the game at the water cooler Monday at work, but they will also discuss the commercials.

Everyone will have their favorite. There is typically a remarkably weird one that sticks in your memory. There's usually at least one super heartfelt ad that sticks in your brain. Some companies get their money's worth with Super Bowl ads, while others create uninspired commercials and burn away $5.6 million. Let's dive into the best and worst of the commercials from Super Bowl Sunday.

Best of the Best

This year was honestly a pretty down year for the commercials. Have advertisers lost their creativity? You would be hard-pressed to find the runaway winner. Nothing truly stuck out. There was no "Don't touch my mama, don't touch my Doritos." Mean Joe Green didn't toss a kid a Coca-Cola. Nonetheless, some commercials didn't totally stink.

Hyundai - Smaht Pahk

This commercial has it all. First of all, The Office star John Krasinski plays the role of Bostonian quite well. David Ortiz or "Your Bigness" makes a cameo to make this the perfect Boston commercial.

As for the commercial, it sells the product while remaining quite funny. The Boston accent is one that routinely gets mocked. Turing "smart park" into "smaht pahk" makes the commercial tough to forget. The underrated part of this is Dirty Water by The Standells, a Boston hit song, playing the commercial out. Well done, Hyundai.

Hulu - Tom Brady's Big Announcement

This was the moment when America simultaneously turned to someone in the room and yelled: "SHUT UP!" When Tom Brady says "they say all good things must come to an end," you immediately think the greatest quarterback of all-time is hanging them up.

Not so fast. Brady quickly jumps to selling Hulu and its live sports and other various features. He then says that he isn't going anywhere. First off, not funny Hulu. Second, great commercial. Hulu accomplished one thing better than anyone, and that was completely drawing everyone's attention.

Pringles - Rick and Morty

Pringles is the perfect product to sell with Rick and Morty because all the stoners who enjoy the show will inevitably get hungry as they watch. The commercial stays true to the theme of the show quite well.

The ad is simple, yet compelling. People who don't watch the show might not fully understand it, but you can't appease everyone. However, with the repetition of the "endless new flavors," nobody is forgetting what this ad was about.

Little Caesar's - Sliced Bread

Well, their pizza might be god-awful, but Little Caesar's put together one hell of a commercial. Jim isn't the only Office worker starring on Super Bowl Sunday, as Dwight Schrute also made an appearance.

This commercial is unique and pretty entertaining. Chaos following Rainn Wilson takes you back to his Office days. This commercial is phenomenal, it will be remembered, you know it's Little Caesar's, but you still should not consume that pizza.

Jeep - Groundhog Day

Bill Murray and Groundhog on Groundhog's Day. Pretty solid, Jeep.

Mountain Dew - As Good as the Original

Bryan Cranston is "the one who knocks" and Mountain Dew knocks this commercial out of the park. In a tribute to "The Shining," the soda company creates a memorable commercial.

Tide - Laundry Later

Charlie freaking out over the stain creates a unique commercial. Tide stays true to themselves as being the stain fighters. Tide does a unique gender norm swap, having the woman be more interested in the football game than the man. They also follow up on the commercial.... later.

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Google - Loretta

Finally, the heartfelt commercial. This commercial is open to interpretation but seems to act as a powerful tool to help those who may suffer from Alzheimer's Disease. Either way, we are fully indulged in what looks like one hell of a love story. Way to make us feel things, Google.

Honorable Mentions: Snickers - Fix The World. Coca Cola Energy - Show Up ft. Jonah Hill. Pepsi - Paint it Black. Amazon - Before Alexa. Microsoft - Be the One - Katie Sowers.

The Worst of the Worst

Well, they aren't all winners. You hate to see companies just go and waste $5.6 million on an ad, just to be laughed off the world's biggest stage, but someone has to do it. Hell, this year a good amount of companies did it. Let's sift through the garbage.

GMC Hummer - Quiet Revolution

You made a commercial for a product that we can't see until May and can't purchase until 2022? Gee, thanks. Do you think we'll be lying awake at night wondering what it will look like? No sleep until May, baby! Oh, and only Budweiser gets to use horses in their commercials. Those are the rules.

Audi - Let It Go

Who the hell let this commercial go to market? You tied in a god-awful song and didn't even have it correlate to the product in any way at all? Go sit in the corner and think about this travesty, Audi.

Quibi - Bank Heist

I don't know, something just feels unoriginal here. Is it supposed to be funny? Should I be laughing? What even is Quibi? Where did they get $5.6 million? I have many questions.

SodaStream - Mars Water

Take your cheesy-ass commercial and get out of here. This is the Super Bowl, dammit. Try that shit during a soccer game or some shit.

Heinz - Four at Once

Perhaps just start with one, because these all suck.

Pop-Tarts - Pretzel Pop-Tart]

Odd move to go back a few centuries to make a commercial. "Are you tired of pretzels not being Pop-Tarts toaster pastries?" I think I speak for literally everyone when I say "no."

Turbo Tax - All People Are Tax People

I'd rather go to prison for tax fraud than watch this commercial again.

Avocados From Mexico - Shopping Network

Well, they tried to be funny, but watching that was as difficult as finding a ripe avocado.

New York Life Insurance - Love Takes Action

There's always heartfelt commercials. They aren't all good, however. While Google hits it out of the park, New York Life's love story ends in divorce.

Dishonorable Mentions: Walmart - Famous Visitors. Rocket Mortgage - Aquaman. Michelob Ultra - Literally all three of theirs. Truly Hard Seltzer.

Much like the game itself, you take the good with the bad. Hell, sometimes the bad ones are even more memorable than the good commercials. Maybe one year all the companies should compete to see who can have the worst commercial. We all have our favorites. Some of your favorites might be found in the worst of the worst column.

That's the fun with these advertisements. They simply are not for everyone. Hell, my favorite Super Bowl ad ever is Toyota's Rav4 Wish Granted commercial where a squirrel mocks the family dad. Most people probably don't even remember that. Here's to hoping that Super Bowl 55 produces more good and bad commercials.