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The CW To Reboot 90's Game Show "Legends of the Hidden Temple"

Legends of the Hidden Temple is making a comeback. However, this time, it's for adults with adult contestants unlike the 90's version.

The CW has announced the revival of the children’s television game show, Legends of the Hidden Temple.

Legends of the Hidden Temple is making a return, but with a twist. The game show will be revamped for the original Nickelodeon audience, who are now adults. The game was described as a cross between Jeopardy and Indians Jones, in a Mayan setting, featuring different types of challenges for competitors to win different prizes. 

The show originally aired in September of 1993 on weekend nights, but due to fantastic ratings, the show moved to primetime on the weekdays. Even though Nielsen ratings were sky high, the show was cancelled after just three seasons. 

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The original creator, Scott A. Stone will be brought on as a producer. The network has not yet released a premier date or time slot yet. With this revamp, the children who watched the show in the 90's can now relive their childhood, and maybe even compete as a contestant on the game show.