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The Expanse: Season 6, Episode 1 Review

The first episode of the final season delivers an explosive start.
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The Expanse Season 6 Amazon Prime James Holden Marco Inaros

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The long-awaited final season of The Expanse finally began yesterday on Amazon Prime. The end of Season 5 left us with more questions than answers. As this show has been known to do, they left us waiting to find out what wicked turn this story would take.

Marco Inaros is gathering more and more Belters to his cause every day, ravaging Earth in the process. The Martians know far more than we do and their willingness to travel beyond what we've seen thus far is wildly fantastic. Buckle up buttercup and let's dive into my initial thoughts on The Expanse: Season 6, Episode 1.

*Spoiler Warning*

The show picks up shortly after where it left off. We see a brief moment of a child interacting with alien creatures on the planet Laconia inside the ring. This same planet is where the Martians fled to in the final moments of Season 5. This shows us that there is life beyond the ring and not just that of the Protomolecule.

Marco Inaros is still tossing giant rocks at Earth and Madam Avasarala is stuck trying to fix the planet. Earth is losing its remaining resources and doesn't have much time left. The destruction of the planet is palpable and it truly creates fear. Earth is going to lose this war and needs James Holden and company to save their complete extermination.

The Rocinante

Holden and his crew are deep into the Belt looking for Inaros' Free Navy. They're on a long mission to track them down in a certain location and violently find what they're looking for. They win a battle against an enemy ship and discover a small beacon used by Inaros.

The Expanse season 6 episode 1

A map showing the remaining targeting beacons | Photo: Amazon Co.

This discovery is potentially detrimental to the Free Navy's war efforts and ability to control the rocks they throw. Earth desperately needs the Roci' to succeed in shutting down this beacon, which they do. However, Naomi's ingenuity led to another discovery. There is a whole lot more of these and they're being controlled by a single mothership: the Azure Dragon. If they can take out that ship, then they have a chance at freeing up space for Earth to make an attack.

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Clarissa Mao A.K.A. Peaches | Photo: Amazon Co.

This woman has gone through a lot in the short time she's been on the show. She tried to kill the crew of The Rocinante, almost succeeded, was thrown into an Earth prison, and broke out as hordes of rocks were flung into Earth's atmosphere. She joins the Roci' crew now, thanks to Amos' self-inflicted decision to retrieve her due to guilt and fortitude. This creates an interesting dynamic aboard the ship because it's clear, early on, the rest of the crew aren't thrilled with this "hire". Naomi's relationship with Amos is off to a rocky start this season because of it and it seems like they'll fracture completely before it's over.

This situation is simmering at a slow boil and will reach a peak at some point but Peaches isn't totally useless. After a gunfight with an enemy ship, the crew has to make repairs and Peaches does her part while some of the others venture outside the ship.

The Free Navy

The planet Laconia, where the Martians went, has an agreement with Inaros. They're helping the Free Navy with supplies and they're building something new inside the ring. Filip, the son of Naomi and Marcos, tries to help his father with Laconia but is rejected. Again. He gets drunk and abuses his status as the leader's son to pick up women. When this doesn't go well, he shoots and kills his best friend. Now he's questioning whether or not he chose to support the right parent.

Inaros is taking over the entire Belt. He arrives at Ceres station and is welcomed like a hero. He's become so dangerous and his plans with the Martians are unclear. They pose a threat to the entire galaxy and the unknown aliens have an agenda of their own.


The Free Navy is also hunting Drummer. Her betrayal is haunting her as she loses out on supplies due to a mistake made by one of her crew. They accidentally fire one of their few remaining missiles and destroy what they were after. Drummer is forced to fire yet another family member and her sanity is starting to wain. Given that she's already lost so many people, this new loss will undoubtedly affect her decision-making going forward.

I thought this episode was great. The rapport between the crew of the Roci' is as good as ever even without Alex. Speaking of Alex, that is the one aspect of the opening of the final season that I had an issue with. The crew barely spoke about his death. Alex's death was one of the most shocking moments in the series so far and it was glossed over in a mere few sentences. I sincerely hope this isn't the only acknowledgment of his departure.

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