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The Expanse: Season 6 Episode 2 Review

The second episode of the final season provided some much needed information to advance the war in the Belt.
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The Expanse Season 6 Amazon Prime James Holden Marco Inaros

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Strange things continue to happen on the planet Laconia in The Expanse season 6 episode 2. The second episode of the hit Amazon Prime show opens similarly to the first with a young girl, Cara, on the planet surrounded by alien creatures. She gave the creatures something to eat and their biology is too different than humans so the food actually poisons them. When she asks her parents for help, they deny her and state there is a meeting for the adults only. Something else is happening on this planet and we're going to find out one piece at a time.

This episode continues the theme started in episode 1 where the main goal is stopping the Free Navy. James Holden and company discovered a beacon and now have a new mission.

**Spoiler Warning**

The Rocinante

Holden and the crew of 'The Rocinante' resupply and learn that a specialist will be joining them. This "specialist" turns out to be Marine Bobbie Draper and the direct security guard for Madam Avasarala. Holden, taken by surprise and relief, welcomes Bobbie back to the crew. She informs them there is a new plan when it comes to tracking the Free Navy ship the Azure Dragon.

The Expanse Bobbie Draper Amazon Prime

Bobbie Draper in The Expanse | Photo: Syfy/Amazon Co.

Their new mission is to board the ship, kill the crew, and capture it. The primary objective is to capture data revealing the Free Navy's entirety of weapons and stations crucial to the war. No one on the ship is thrilled by this change of plans. The increased risk and debate over whether or not they can do it creates further tension between them. Briefly, Holden and Bobbie discuss the Martian ship that went missing in the final moment of season 5. The ship entered the ring and hasn't been seen since. Bobbie hasn't heard any details about it but tells Holden she will look into it.

Attacking the Azure Dragon

Nevertheless, The Roci' is successful in shutting down the enemy ship. They board it, with a frozen-in-her-boots moment from Naomi right before she jumps out into open space. She has a terrifying flashback to her space jump in season 5 when she almost died. Peaches takes Naomi's place without consent from Holden and they capture the data. They are shocked when they see just how many rocks the Free Navy is throwing toward Earth. There are so many that Earth will be completed obliterated if they didn't succeed in this mission.

The Expanse season 6 episode 2 Peaches Amazon Prime

Peaches after saving Amos | Photo: Amazon Co.

Later, Holden scolds Peaches for making a split-second decision without his consent. He informs her that this ship is run as a cohesive team and she needs to work with them. Peaches understands and vows that it won't happen again. She's also moved when Holden says, for the first time, that she's part of the crew.

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Filip, Marco, and the Free Navy

After killing his best friend in a drunken fit of rage, Filip Inaros is imprisoned by the Ceres police. Marcos frees him, stating this is strictly Free Navy business and he will deal with his son accordingly. Afterward, Marco informs Filip that he's been punished enough. He's become a complete embarrassment since arriving on Ceres. Marco insists the slimy details surrounding the murder will be kept secret and demands Filip keep it that way.

The Expanse season 6 episode 2 Marco and Filip Inaros

Marco and Filip Inaros of The Expanse | Photo: Amazon Co.

Inaros talks with members of his crew and they inform him they are well aware of Filip's downfall. They've all but lost faith in the young man and they think he's a liability. Later, Marco learns that The Roci' captured his Azure Dragon and the data is compromised. The Free Navy now knows that Earth has the location and details of all their weaponized rocks. He says he knew the fight would come to them eventually and they will let them come.

Drummer and Walker

After misfiring a missile, Michio is on thin ice with Drummer. They find a potential landing spot to dump her off to and it's a treacherous path due to the company of the ship. They meet Walker at the airlock where a lot of important dialogue takes place.

Michio and Drummer The Expanse season 6 episode 2 Amazon Prime

Drummer sends Michio off her ship in The Expanse | Photo: Amazon Co.

The essence of the conversation is Walker and his crew aren't on the outs with the Free Navy but they aren't respected. They get lame and weak jobs and do little more than transport cargo. This is the important information that Drummer was looking for. They badly need supplies and now she found a way to get them.

Final Summation

This was a fantastic episode with a ton of important buildup. Obviously, the war between Earth and the Free Navy is going to come to a boiling point. With only four episodes left, I'm concerned the battle will end similarly to the White Walkers in Game of Thrones. They ended quickly in one episode because there were too many storylines to wrap up. I sincerely hope The Expanse doesn't make that same mistake.

There is still plenty of time left for this epic war, but there are also a ton of questions remaining. What is happening on the planet Laconia? Where is the Martian ship? What is the Protomolecule doing? Hopefully these questions get answered and fleshed out. It would be a massive disappointment if Amazon Prime ends the show without exploring the Protomolecule much further.

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