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The Expanse: Season 6 Episode 5 Review

The penultimate episode of The Expanse brings together the plan to finally win the war of the Belt.
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The Expanse Season 6 Amazon Prime James Holden Marco Inaros

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There wasn't much action in The Expanse: season 6 episode 5 and that was perfectly fine. The dialogue was great and many of the characters came together on Ceres station. Amazon should be proud of the way this season has come along because the short series delivers a huge punch of greatness. This episode started, per usual, on Laconia before getting into the war with Marco Inaros. Holden makes a new discovery and Madam Avasarala creates a new alliance with Camina Drummer.

*Spoiler Warning*


When we last left Laconia in episode 4, Cara stole her dead brother Xan's body and took it into the forest. She went searching for the alien dogs hoping they could revive her brother the same way they did to the other creature.

Well, it worked, sort of. Xan is alive again, only he's clearly different. His eyes have a very blue glow, obviously infected with Protomolecule. He also says to Cara that he's never seen that before as he looks off into the distance.

The Expanse season 6 episode 5 James Holden Amazon Co.

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James Holden has fought a lot in this series and for the most part, he's lucky to be alive. Now that The Rocinante is docked on Ceres station, Holden can relax for a moment. Peace doesn't last long in The Expanse though because James and Naomi discover the Rings aren't as safe as they thought.

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Every time a ship passes through the Rings, they are in danger and it's getting more volatile. More and more ships are going missing and Holden informs Avasarala of the issue. He tells her they should let Marco know about this, hoping he'll have a change of heart and they can work together, but Avasarala laughs in his face. She calls him naive and dismisses the idea immediately.

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Avasarala and Bobbie

Madam Avasarala is stuck in a troubling position. She wants to win the war against Marco Inaros but she doesn't want to spill any more blood. The Martian marines and her own Naval officers plead with her to strike after six Martian ships were destroyed near the Ring. They were trying to attack Medina station but the Free Navy has several huge rail guns now. The guns took out the Martian ships in seconds and it's an extreme problem for everyone seeking passage.

Avasarala seeks counsel from her trusted protector Bobbie Draper. Bobbie loses her composure and tells Avasarala they need to attack. They need to forget their morals and win the war already. She's dismissed and ends up drinking with Amos at a pub. Amos is drunk and starts spewing his anger with Holden toward Bobbie. He tells her about the disarmed warhead on the torpedo and she tells him sometimes the only thing worth fighting for is each other.

Camina Drummer

Camina Drummer arrives at Ceres station. The Belters greet her like a hero. She brought all the supplies she stole from Marco to Ceres and is their savior. Camina brings in a doctor to try to regrow Josep's arm, but it doesn't work and he's going to lose the rest of his arm due to a bad reaction. Michio agrees to stay with him on Ceres as they are of no use to Drummer in the war anymore. Camina reluctantly agrees and leaves to talk with Naomi.

Naomi tries to squash the awkwardness between the two of them and it's palpable. The two discuss several things before Drummer demands Naomi tell her the real reason she's there. Naomi says she's there on behalf of Holden and Avasarala. They request her help in the war against Marco and Drummer isn't pleased.

The Expanse season 6 episode 5 Drummer Avasarala Amazon

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Madam Avasarala meets with Camina Drummer and they discuss a partnership. They agree to terms and will fight together against Marco Inaros to end this war in the Belt.

Marco and Filip

On The Pella, Marco Inaros is planning the Free Navy's next move. They feel very comfortable with their status and plans before they receive word of the new rail gun's success near the Rings. In celebration, they break out the alcohol and CrackUm to their small victory.

Filip goes back to work and his new partner tells him his friend Tadeo was sent to the brig. When he talks to him to find out why, he tells Filip that he broke radio silence. He tried to find out if his brother was alive on Ceres after the explosion. Filip then does some research, breaking radio silence himself, and finds out the truth. He tells Tadeo that his brother was killed in the explosions. Tadeo breaks down and tells Filip that he was part of the crew that rigged the explosives.


This episode sets up a fiery finale next week. There are still several storylines to complete but they're all starting to come together. Episode 5 is quiet but very enjoyable and it built up high great anticipation for the extended series finale. This epic science fiction show concludes, for now, next week and there is sure to be some intense fighting and a few heartbreaks.