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The Expanse: Season 6 Episode 6 Series Finale Review

The final episode in The Expanse delivers a fine conclusion but leaves the show open to explore more.
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The Expanse Season 6 Amazon Prime James Holden Marco Inaros

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The end is here. The Expanse's series finale is an explosive and fast-paced thrill ride. James Holden, Bobbie Draper, Naomi Nagata, Amos Burton, Madam Avasarala, and more send us off into the sunset in their final showdown with Marco Inaros and the Free Navy. Episode 6 of season 6 was full of emotion and the blood was pumping and flowing.

Is this really the end for The Expanse? On Amazon Prime, the answer is yes. The Expanse is set up to finish the novels by James S.A. Corey on another streaming platform or on Amazon Prime. That's only if they decide to continue in the future.

*Spoiler Warning*

I loved the final season of The Expanse. After investing several years into this series from the premier of the very first episode and almost calling it quits when the SyFy channel canceled it, I expected this show to have an incredible ending. The fact is: this show really isn't over. The showrunners did exactly what they told us they would do. They ended this series in a way that leaves the story open for more.

Considering the show only caught up to the sixth novel with three books left, there is room for more. The seventh novel consists of a significant time jump, so making more episodes would have been difficult. It's clear to see why Amazon didn't want to recast or spend an exorbitant amount of money on aging makeup. Without further ado, let's recap the series finale.

Series Finale Recap


As usual this season, episode 6 begins on Laconia. Cara took her brother's dead body into the forest where the alien dogs revived him with Protomolecule. She brings the new Xan back to her parents and they're terrified of him. Her father cuts Xan with a knife and his wound heals almost immediately. They call the Martian soldiers but Cara and Xan take off into the forest.

The Expanse season 6 episode 6 series finale Amazon Prime Protomolecule

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When he looks at her, we see her through his perspective. She's shiny, blue, and radiating energy. And Xan has now morphed completely with the Protomolecule.

Ending the War with Marco Inaros and the Free Navy

The buildup to this battle was long-coming. We merely got a taste of the battle in episode 3. Now the Inners, Belters, and Martians have to come together to finally defeat Marco Inaros. The plan is complex. They decide to send their entire combined fleet towards the Ring where Inaros is heading. Some ships will intercept him and his ships, while others are going straight for the newly-discovered rail guns from episode 5.

James Holden leads The Rocinante on a distraction mission to take out the rail guns targeting computers. Holden succeeds but almost loses Peaches in the fight. As the acting mechanic with Amos off-ship, Peaches is forced to make a repair in the middle of battle. She gets hurt but fixes the problem, therefore saving the ship and crew.

Amos and Bobbie are part of the team heading toward the rail guns to disarm them but the plan changes. They're attacked once they arrive and they couldn't capture the guns as they wished. Instead, Bobbie blows them straight to hell and The Rocinante shows up just in the nick of time to save them.

Camina Drummer

Drummer leads her ships to fight and intercept The Pella but the ship isn't what it seems. It sheds its armor plating and reveals the ship's true capabilities. It's a Martian ship very similar to The Rocinante. Camina takes heavy damage and right as she's about to set a collision course for Inaros, one of her own ships beats her to it. Inaros takes intense damage and Drummer is forced to back off from the fight.

Naomi Nagata is the Hero in the Series Finale

The plan to capture the rail guns failed. They succeeded in stopping the guns and injuring Inaros' fleet but they still haven't finished the fight. They have very few options left including one suicide mission. But Naomi takes the knowledge she gained by trying to figure out the Ring's portal dilemma and discovers that they can wipe Marco out. If they fire all their weaponry at exactly the right time, they can wake the Entities on the Ring and they will devour the Free Navy.

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The Expanse season 6 episode 6 series finale Amazon Prime Marco Inaros

The Entities awaken and devour Marco Inaros' entire fleet | Photo: Amazon Co.

That's exactly what they do and it works. Naomi is absolutely crushed as she just pulled the trigger to kill her own son Filip. She breaks down but finally came to the realization that her son was lost to his insane father. Unbeknownst to Naomi, Filip is actually alive. He got fed up with Marco's ridiculous tyranny and left The Pella in a separate pod.

The Political Wrap-Up of The Expanse

The show wasn't going to end with just an explosion. The politics in this show needed to be fleshed out for closure and they were, but in a nice way. The Inners, Belters, and Martians all meet to decide the fate of the Rings and the trade routes. When they can't come to an agreement on all sides, they nominate James Holden to run the newly established Transport Union.

In his first press conference as President of the Transport Union, he named Camina Drummer his Vice President. Then he immediately resigned. Avasarala got very upset and threatened to undo his decision but Holden advised her not to. He says to her that this was the only way to ensure peace for the foreseeable future.

Holden leaves with The Rocinante and its remaining crew. Peaches, Amos, and Naomi are all back with Holden on the Roci' and they leave to do what they do best: fly freely with an apolitical agenda and a badass set of weapons.

The Expanse season 6 episode 6 series finale Amazon Prime James Holden and Naomi Nagata

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Naomi and James talk as they lay down to bed about where they go from here. Holden says the new trade routes are ripe pickings for pirates and they could always work security. Then he reminds Naomi that they never actually found that missing sample of the Protomolecule and she tells him to shut up and relax in the moment. The ship sets course and they take off into the unknown.


The Expanse is by far one of my favorite shows I've ever watched. I love the hard sci-fi here and the pace of this show is very well done. The beginning of the series has so much mystery, curiosity, and corruption. But while all that creates an intense environment, the entirety of weaving storylines is centered around the alien technology: The Protomolecule.

The Protomolecule and Where The Expanse Could Go After Season 6

Finding out what the Protomolecule is, what it can do, and how damn fast things can change because of it was the best part of this entire series for me. However, I do have one complaint. We only have six episodes in season 6 and that's fine. But if somewhere down the road this show isn't picked up by another network or we don't get a spin-off, then I'll be a little disappointed. Here's why.

The story of the Protomolecule isn't over or even close to being over. They just introduced us to Laconia in this season and the Protomolecule just brought Xan back from the dead. The Martians in charge of Laconia betrayed Marco because they kept their new discoveries to themselves and closed the portals.

Wherever this show goes from here, if there is any continuation, I sincerely hope they dive in a little deeper into the Protomolecule. I'd love to see more of where it came from and what the Entities could really do. The Expanse season 6 episode 6 and tentatively the series finale is a superb way to leave though.

The Expanse season 6 episode 6 series finale Is this really the end of The Expanse on Amazon Prime

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Hopefully, there is more for us on the horizon. If the future isn't on Amazon Prime, perhaps HBO Max could take a gamble on it. But if it truly finishes here, then at least the ending is symbolic of the vast reach of space and endless possibilities to make us wonder: what else is out there?

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