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The Rings of Power Teaser Shows Little But Promises Greatness

The first look at the new series may tell us from whose perspective this story takes place.
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The Lord of the Rings has a vast and thorough background told mostly in exposition. How, then, can a prequel set hundreds of years before the events of The Hobbit, let alone the Lord of the Rings, do justice to the beloved source material? The answer lies within the liberties they're willing to take in storytelling. The new teaser trailer shows very little in the first look at the highly anticipated show. But its detail alone is worth getting excited for.

The Rings of Power Plot

We could sit here and dissect every shot in the trailer and still not be sure of what any of it means. There are several interesting aspects of the trailer but they don't tell us much. What is fascinating though is the likelihood of this series focusing more on the elves than men, at least in the beginning. Elves are intriguing creatures in every fantasy lore, but especially in the Lord of the Rings. They have a long history filled with war and eventual downfall, and it deserves more explanation.

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The tone of this teaser trailer feels very Elvish to me and not just because we see elves multiple times throughout. I think that building the world around the elves makes sense here as they have connections to virtually every other race in the lore. Based on particular shots of Elvish characters in this teaser, I think the majority of the first season is spent in the perspective of the elves.

While setting up the central focus of the elves, this series will introduce Numenor, a kingdom of men. The Lord of the Rings touches on this briefly but the series has the unique ability to really put something special together for Numenor.

The Rings of Power releases Sept. 2, 2022 on Amazon Prime, but I expect another trailer with a bit more focus on the men of Numenor and a further look than one shot of the dwarves.