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The Wait is Over: EA Sports Announces the Return of NCAA Football

EA Sports has finally announced plans to release a new NCAA football video game.
EA Sports College Football

Photo: EASPORTS/Twitter

The evolution of college football video games has been completely halted for the greater part of the past decade. What started as a hit gaming experience with Xbox/PS2 eventually moved to 360/PS3 before Ed O'Bannon ultimately cucked an entire generation out of the chance to play an updated version of this game.

But that's about to change. After roughly eight years of NCAA Football 14 being the latest version of college football video games, EA Sports officially announced that a new game, "EA Sports College Football", is in the works.

The latest edition of EA Sports' NCAA Football was the 2014 version which featured former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson on the cover. The game itself has skyrocketed in value and has a cult-like following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several other social channels. Players host live streams with hundreds to thousands of viewers, and we here at On Tap Sports Net even recorded an entire NIU season as well as the Red and Black Spring Game live at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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There are so many people dedicated to keeping NCAA Football 14 alive, whether it's via roster mods, roster updates with relatively accurate ratings so current players can see themselves in the game, the College Football Playoff mod, and much more. The crew over at "College Football Revamped" has constantly pumped new life into the game, and we thank them for their efforts.

As much fun as it has been keeping this nostalgic game alive, we as the consumer have finally won the war. Currently, EA has planned to use rosters that don't include the player names, images, or likenesses as they did in previous versions. But with the way the laws have been evolving in favor of college athletes, this could change in the near future.

The game will be returning but under a new name, "EA Sports College Football". To be honest, I could care less what the game is called as long as it is coming back. The new game is in the beginning phases of development and will be available to next-gen console owners. There is currently no official release date, but a timeline of two to three years seems likely, according to sports gaming journalist Bryan Wiedey. One would assume "EA Sports College Football" will be the hottest game on the market upon its release.

This is a huge step in the right direction for EA Sports, college football fans, and video game connoisseurs everywhere. I will continue to provide updates as new developments and features break to the public, and there's a good chance you will run into me at your local GameStop or Walmart waiting around at midnight for its release.

In the meantime, I still have a championship to bring home for the lovely students and athletes of Georgia State University, or else my NCAA Football 14 existence will come to a catastrophic end before I hop on this new game and make it my daily driver.