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There's a Twitter Turf War Over Who's Who in the World of Wall Street...Bets

While the world watches GameStop and other stocks there is a turf war for wallstreetbets Twitter.
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Wall Street Bets Twitter

In a world once completely and suffocatingly shrouded in Bernie Sanders memes, we have gotten our respite. The year 2002 has arrived at the stock market, as GameStop ($GME), AMC Theaters ($AMC), and Blackberry ($BB) stocks are soaring. At the root of it all is primarily a subreddit r/wallstreetbets who are passionate about their stonks to say the very least. In their never-ending quest to blast past LV-426 en route to the Andromeda Galaxy, the sub is also learning that Twitter fame has hidden costs. Along with the swell of members on Reddit, there are countless copycat accounts hoping for a drop of clout that falls off the table.


The moderators of r/wallstreetbets Twitter handle is @wsbmod, and that is where this turf war gets good. You see, at 389k followers (at time of writing) they are NOT the most popular Twitter handle. That distinction belongs to @WSBChairman and their 499.6k followers and growing. Let's just say that the mods are none too pleased with this self-proclaimed chairman:

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Let's take a look at the film, shall we? The Chairman appears interested in legitimizing their claim through a follow. Seems logical. But then things changed in the next 32 hours, prompting the mods to chose to acknowledge the message. A lot of people online were interested in "that GameStop thing" and searched it out. And a lot of people found the chairman.

Now back to the beef. First, the chairman plays dumb with a "why's that" reply. He knows damn well why they'd want him to disassociate. It also appears that initially the chairman was ready to back down in exchange for nothing but peace. That said, it is asinine to imply that you've never claimed to be Wall Street Bets when it is in your Twitter handle and profile. But will the real WSB please stand up?

This is where we venture into the world of the subjective, my friends. The mods of the subreddit can certainly claim credit, but they can't speak for the entire group. To the chairman's credit, they're getting recognized by more than just Musk by reaching out to others like Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports and getting engagement back. Much to the chagrin of the mods, the perception of most is that WSB Chairman is, in fact, the boss.

A hive mindset set on sticking it to the man is the thing that helped springboard wallstreetbets into the zeitgeist, and ironically it's the same thing that shot WSBChairman up too. My hope is that the two sides unite, and they are holding hands and smiling as that rocket ship blows past the moon.