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Top 5 Baddest Women in Movies

Celebrate Women's History month with the best female characters in cinema history.
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Life without sports has been a reality for only a few days and already people are struggling to cope with it. It's March and we should be indulging in the beginning of the March Madness tournament. That ensuing madness tends to overshadow that March is also Women's History Month, so I thought this was a perfect time to dig into my favorite female heroes/characters throughout cinema history. Needless to say: possible individual spoilers ahead.

5. Michelle Rodriguez: Letty - The Fast and The Furious Franchise (2001- )

Ah 2001, the year all of us young gents fell head-over-heels in love with Michelle Rodriguez. Putting aside her good looks, she really is a fantastic actress. She brought life to a character so cherished in a long and drawn-out franchise. Letty easily makes this list without question for her beer drinkin' (#CrackUm) and fighting skills.


Letty will always be remembered for one specific scene toward the end of the film that made every single "car-guy" in America think they could do it too. I'm sure tons of people tried it and got seriously hurt, but let's be honest, no one pulled it off as cool as Letty did (yes, I know it's only a movie).


4. Carrie Anne Moss: Trinity - The Matrix Franchise (1999- )

I'll begin by getting the obvious out of the way: The Matrix changed cinema forever. No one had ever seen anything like it. The cameras they used to create "bullet-time" and the lighting filters to present the background were groundbreaking. I won't dive too deep into that because I don't have the time here and we're focusing on one of the baddest women ever on screen.

Seriously, why is everything green?

- Every moviegoer during opening weekend

Trinity was a long-time follower of Morpheus at the time we meet her, in the opening scene might I add. In that opening scene, she takes down three police officers by herself and then narrowly escapes the grasp of an Agent.


Throughout the trilogy, we see her impressive fighting skills in numerous ways but none stick out to me more than the end "big battle" when she and Neo break into a highrise to save Morpheus. A massive shootout ensues with only her and Neo making it out alive and the fight continues on the roof, where an Agent shows up. He and Neo fight, Neo loses, and then Trinity gets the first-ever on-screen Agent kill with one of the most memorable lines in the entire trilogy.


3. Uma Thurman: The Bride - Kill Bill Franchise (2003-2004)

This list wouldn't be complete without possibly the single greatest woman to ever wield a sword -- go ahead and yell debate at me for this one on Twitter. She's amazing in every sense of the word. She is a mother who is doing whatever she can to get back to her daughter and take out the one person she thought she could trust but was completely betrayed by.


She's also at the peak of the upper echelon in sword-fighting skills and showcases it when she takes out countless soldiers in the great battle against the Crazy 88's. On her path to that final battle, she took out all of Bill's officers in his little "army" and has one final showdown with O-Ren Ishii before we learn that she won't actually "Kill Bill" until volume two.


2. Kate Beckinsale: Selene - Underworld Franchise (2003-2016)

I was late to the party on these flicks. I'd never even heard of them until someone mentioned them to me years after they came out, but they are without a doubt in my mind the best vampire flicks around. There is a ton of backstory involved here and the conflict between werewolves and vampires is something Twilight (2008)characters have nightmares about.


We're going to completely disregard the pure beauty of Kate Beckinsale here as well because she's downright terrifying in this series. She is incredibly ferocious and one of the most skilled shooters regardless of gender. Plain and simple here: DO NOT MESS WITH SELENE!

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She is torn in this film emotionally. She is ripped between protecting her order of vampires and learning a horrible truth about the werewolves she's been fighting her entire life. Everything about this story gets put into a disgusting perspective and Selene is destined to make a choice that will change her forever. Add in some incredible fight scenes, a hybrid, the magnificently terrifying Bill Nighy, and you got yourself one heck of a vampire film.

1. Sigourney Weaver: Ellen Ripley - Alien Franchise (1979- )

The first two movies in the Alien franchise are amongst my favorite films of all time and also feature my absolute favorite character of all time in Ellen Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver. Weaver was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1987 for this role, which was a huge breakthrough at the time. It's unfortunate she didn't win the Oscar, not only for her, but for women in this genre as well.

Ripley is a warrant officer aboard the vessel The Nostromo in the middle of a scientific mission in deep space. After venturing to the unknown planet of LV-426 and unleashing a terrifying alien in one of the scariest and most iconic jump-scares ever, the crew is forced to fight off this creature with no weapons aboard the ship. Ripley is the lone survivor, excluding Jonesy the cat, and manages to blow the creature out of the airlock as she barely escapes.


She spends 57 years in cryo-sleep where she's awakened by a salvage crew who was lucky enough to stumble upon her. The sequel is really where Ripley becomes the warrior we see on all the posters and utters one of the most-quoted lines of cinema history.


Throughout the film, she is voluntarily sent on a mission back to LV-426 as a consultant to a group of marines with enough firepower to level the entire planet. She still has no military training and is nothing more than a confused woman who hasn't aged in almost 60 years. She begins to pick up little bits of weapons training from Corporal Hicks.


She definitely doesn't need Hicks to fight her battle for her, though, as she single-handedly reenters the complex as it's about to explode to rescue the stray girl they discovered, Newt, at the ending of the film.

In this act of bravery, she straps on a pulse rifle, flame-thrower, and grenade belt to fight through dozens of Xenomorphs and eventually find Newt. What she didn't expect to find was the Xenomorph Queen, and she is one big bug.


Almost all of the marines died and Ripley is one of three humans and one android to survive LV-426. She fought off countless Xenomorphs and blew the Queen out of the airlock when it followed them back to their ship in orbit. She gets my number one spot by a long shot and there isn't any debate in my opinion.

Honorable Mentions

Milla Jovovich: Alice - Resident Evil Franchise (2002-2016)

This was a tough decision for me, but I had to leave Alice off the main list because she's technically a super-human-clone infected with the T-virus. I know it's nit-picky, but I thought it was a disservice to the other women on this list. Before you mention Selene the vampire, she was human before being bitten and turned.

Simply put, Alice was tough as nails and an incredible fighter. She took down loads of zombies and mutated creatures throughout the entire series.


Even though the films heavily deviated from the game's source material, I thoroughly enjoyed all 1,237 films. Alice definitely knows her way around weapons and these films were pure fun.

Judy Garland: Dorothy Gale - The Wizard of Oz (1939)

(Via @Schwartzy)

I know what you're thinking, Schwartzy's here having a laugh again, but I'm dead-ass serious. The land of Oz was terrorized by two wicked witches for decades, and a wizard plus two more good witches couldn't do a damn thing to stop it. Insert Dorothy Gale, a 12-year old girl from Kansas who wiped out both of them bitches in a week's time. In addition to that, she took three grown "men" out of their own darkest timelines and set them on the path of heroes.

You could easily argue Dorothy is one of the great minds in movie history as well, having discovered that wicked witches are allergic to both free-falling houses and water.

So please celebrate Women's History Month with us and let us know your favorite baddest women in cinema history!