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Top Halloween Candy

It all comes down to one question on Halloween — what's the best candy?
halloween candy

It all comes down to one question on Halloween — what's the best candy? It’s the ultimate holiday debate, and the On Tap crew will fight to the death for their favorite candies. Schwartzy, Nonnie and @cwsdjt put together a fantastic summary of our favorites. Of course, we’re right, but we want to know your favorites. Without further ado, let the banter begin!

Jonnie Nonnie

1. Kit Kat: The wafer and chocolate combination is so choice.

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: I don't need any of the fancy variations or shapes, just give me some standard Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and I'll be shoving them down until I have diabetes. I also laugh at this Family Guy clip about "Officer Reeses" more than I should.

3. Twix: Despite how annoying their recent "Left Twix, Right Twix" marketing campaign has been, I still love the taste of this chocolate-coated, caramel-infused cookie bar. TWIIIIIIIIXXXXXX!


1. Skittles: Tight.

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2. Mike and Ike: These are the bomb. There's Mike. There's Ike. They're friends.

3. Whatchamacallit: In 2nd grade, I spelled that candy correctly to win a bar at sports camp. I've been a big believer ever since.


1. Pretzel M&M's: This is a hot take, but they are FIRE. The crunch, the shell, the chocolate, wow. Wonderous. Pretzel M&M's have the perfect distribution of saltiness and sweetness. They're fantastic.

2. Kit Kat: Much like Nonnie and I think this is a consensus pick for most people, Kit Kats are another delectable snack. You gotta open the wrapper from the back and lift the tab, so the chocolate doesn't melt or get all over the place.

3. Watermelon Sour Patch: Finally, I HAVE to go with Watermelon Sour Patch. I love to enjoy one of these when I want to treat myself if I stay in on the weekend. It's perfect for a balance of sour then sweet. I could probably eat 1000 of these.

There you have it. These are the GOAT candies according to the On Tap guys. What do you think? Send us your favorites on Twitter!