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What to Expect in Season Two of The Witcher

Treachery, diabolical scheming, and murderous monsters are only a small taste of what's to come.
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The Witcher Season 2 Netflix

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We're only days away from the highly-anticipated season two of The Witcher. Deadly monsters, rogue Mages, destiny, betrayal, and of course political corruption are all on the menu for the follow-up season. The time-hopping first season of The Witcher was a colossal success and gives a brilliant look into the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Season One Recap – Spoiler Alert

We see the creation of the Mages when Yennefer is brought to Aretuza. Mages, the powerful magicians, train to serve the different kingdoms around the world. We know that they are all sterilized as a sacrifice to gain their full potential. This doesn't sit well with Yennefer as her focus shifts towards regaining her ability to produce a child. She fails, countless times, and ends up fighting alongside Geralt of Rivia on multiple occasions.

Geralt and Yennefer

They have a supreme connection between them. There is a love there that isn't quite normal. It's fiery and intense, but they just can't stay together. They can't quite stay apart either, thanks to Geralt's wish. On his journey, the Witcher Geralt of Rivia stumbles across many different dangerous monsters. He's paid to kill them and ends up learning that sometimes the scariest of monsters aren't monsters at all. Sometimes, it's the humans bending rules to their will and own agendas that need the cleansing he gets paid for.

Geralt travels throughout the Continent slaying beasts and makes his way to Cintra. Cintra is one of the largest kingdoms on the Continent and Geralt gets caught up in a political plot. He saves the life of a Knight and in return only asks to be paid with the 'Law of Surprise'. This means the Knight owes Geralt whatever he has, but does not yet know. The tides turn almost instantly when the Knight's betrothed vomits alerting everyone in the room that she's pregnant. Geralt is now bound to this child by Destiny and that creates pandemonium.


Ciri, the Lion Cub of Cintra is that child. When Cintra falls from an attack by Nilfgaard, Ciri is forced to go on the run. She's alone and the last words her grandmother, the Queen, says to her is "Find Geralt of Rivia, he is your Destiny". Ciri doesn't know what this means yet, but she sets out on her journey regardless.

The Witcher

Queen Calanthe and Ciri | Photo: Netflix

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The story weaves in and out from different character perspectives, time periods, and arrives at the final summation of the first season. Ciri and Geralt unite, bound by Destiny and a calling from otherworldly forces. The season ends with them embracing each other like a father and daughter they both didn't know they had.

What to Expect in Season Two of The Witcher?


Destiny is a powerful force shown by the simple fact that Ciri and Geralt were separated and he never claimed his surprise, which threw the Continent into total war. Cintra is gone and Destiny is fulfilled, for now, with the pair reuniting. I expect a large chunk of this season will revolve around explaining Destiny a bit further. We know that Ciri is a powerful being herself and the mixing of her unknown potential with Destiny is sure to play a large role in this season.

Season two of The Witcher on Netflix

Ciri in training | Photo: Netflix

Ciri Training at Kaer Morhen

We already know from the trailers that season two is going to bring in a few new locations. Specifically, Kaer Morhen, a fan-favorite and where Witchers train. Ciri is shown training and this is likely taking place at Kaer Morhen. In the novels, Kaer Morhen is almost described as a desolate and kind of haunting place. When Ciri trains, sometimes alone in the woods, she hears things and sees things that aren't what they seem. I fully expect a scene or three of her training and running obstacle courses while being haunted by the burning of Cintra.


This one is a bit obvious since we learned Kim Bodnia was joining the show and will be playing Vesemir, despite rumors that Mark Hamill would take the role. We know that Vesemir will be in the second season but we don't yet know the extent. The books have a lot of dialogue between Vesemir and Ciri, albeit after her training was already underway. The books are also a bit different when it comes to Vesemir in comparison to the games and the animated Netflix movie. I expect we'll see a healthy dose of Geralt's relationship with Vesemir as a father figure.

We also know from the source material that Vesemir has been around for quite some time. The books also allude to the fact that Vesemir cannot create any new Witchers. They are a dying breed and when they finally go extinct, the Continent will be in serious trouble.

I expect the second season of The Witcher will flesh out a bit more of the material in the novel 'Blood of Elves' and transition into 'Time of Contempt'. The Continent will know, after some time, that Ciri survived the slaughter of Cintra and assassins will be after her. Whether or not they succeed will largely depend on Geralt's ability to "become the monster they say he is" and fight for something more than just coin.

Season two of The Witcher premiers Friday, December 17 on Netflix. Check back with On Tap Sports Net's Pop Culture section for more theories and reviews!