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What To Watch: Black Summer Season 2

How do you follow up an intense zombie show that breaks the rules? Believe me when I say that Netflix has done it.
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Black Summer Season 2 Netflix

Photo: Netflix

What's the best way to start a sequel season to an already intense zombie show? You take a main character from the first season and kill them off in a terrifying way in the opening scene!

Okay, maybe that's not the best way, but it's one hell of a sequence to open a show. Black Summer season 2 is an amazing follow-up to what I believe is the most unique storytelling in the horror genre currently on television.

Black Summer Season 2

Photo: Netflix

Main Characters and Plot

When we last saw our main characters Rose, Sun, and Spears, they had successfully navigated the zombie swarms to get to the stadium. Rose found her daughter but there was no government or military aid like they hoped. Black Summer season 2 opens with a time-jump of several months when the weather is getting colder.

I've always thought about the weather when it comes to zombies. Obviously, The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia and that show actually dove into the heat causing the zombies to decay in faster and more grotesque ways. What about the cold though? Will it affect the zombies? It's fascinating that Black Summer season 2 jumps right into the winter and snow, which creates new challenges.

People die of cold or frostbite and come back as a zombsicle, or a zomb-pop, if you will.


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Okay, not a literal zombsicle, it's more like this:

Black Summer season 2

Photo: Netflix

Now that's more like it.

Some people get caught and run from the dead through mounds of snow while losing their footing as well as leaving a trail to follow. Some just die of hunger and dehydration since it's freezing and there's nothing to hunt. The hunger in this show leads certain characters to make decisions they haven't fully thought through.

The bulk of this season takes place around a hillside farmhouse in the middle of snow-crusted trees. Similar to season 1, several episodes delve into a series of events told multiple times from multiple perspectives. This time around was more confusing than the first season, but it comes together in the end. This farmhouse serves as the prize for whoever is ballsy enough to fight their way into or from within it. At least one time in every episode leading up to the climactic battle for the farm, individual groups of characters see a plane flying on a singular path. This plane is dropping supplies and several characters claim to have a relationship with the pilot.

The battle for the house ensues and finding the plane, boarding it, and escaping become the next goal. These few events are filled with drama, action, and tension throughout that never seems to dissipate. It's truly terrifying wandering out into the cold for firewood and hearing the retching of whatever might be lurking around the woodpile.

This Guy

Black Summer Season 2

Photo: Netflix

Oh, this fucking guy. Every story has to have a good antagonist and this one is no different. Resident Evil has Albert Wesker and The Walking Dead has Negan. I'd like to introduce Red Jacket guy! His name is actually Ray, but he moves so sadistically quickly in his demonic actions that his name really doesn't matter. Ray is essentially Negan without a conscience. He quite literally doesn't care nor feel for anyone. The apocalypse broke his mind and he abused every ounce of power he acquired. Rose and Sun are literally caught between Ray and whatever he wants.

Overall, I thought season 2 of Black Summer was great. It created extra intensity with the weather and the looming goal of finding the plane. The characters were just as strong as the first season, and the entire time it felt like they were in real danger. I thoroughly enjoyed the direction the story took and cannot wait to find out what happens next.