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White Sox: The Last Bit of Spring Training and Life Without Baseball πŸ”Š

The Sox On Tap crew discusses the last few games of Sox Spring Training action and what to do without baseball.

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White Sox: Spring Training Week 1, Injuries, and More πŸ”Š

The latest episode of Sox On Tap covers the first week of White Sox Spring Training, injuries, and more.

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White Sox: Early Spring Training News, Darkhorse All-Stars, and Much More πŸ”Š

Sox On Tap is back with a Sunday Funday episode to get you ready for White Sox Spring Training to kick into full gear.

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White Sox: Sizing Up 2020 πŸ”Š

White Sox Dave of Barstool Sports joins Sox On Tap to discuss a ton of topics surrounding the South Siders heading into the 2020 season.

White Sox ZiPS Projections with Dan Szymborski πŸ”Š

Dan Szymborski joins the Sox On Tap crew to discuss ZiPS projections for the 2020 season.

White Sox: SoxFest Recap and Hot Topics Heading into Spring Training πŸ”Š

Listen to Sox On Tap’s latest Sunday Funday episode

White Sox: SoxFest 2020 Reactions πŸ”Š

Patrick Flowers was at SoxFest this weekend, and he’s dishing his biggest takeaways and his overall reactions to the event’s inaugural year at the McCormick Place West on the latest episode of White Sox Unfiltered.

White Sox: Listener Mailbag πŸ”Š

Patrick Flowers is flying solo on this week’s episode and taking your questions in this edition of the White Sox Unfiltered listener mailbag!

The Second City Show: White Sox Extend Outfielder Luis Robert

Listen to the Luis Robert contract extension episode of The Second City Show

The Second City Show: A Very White Sox Christmas

Listen to “A Very White Sox Christmas” episode of The Second City Show