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10 Types of People You’ll Find in Lot B Before a White Sox Game

Good times, good eats and drinks, and good people await you where Comiskey Park once stood. Don’t miss out on the fun.
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Ah, the tailgate. The activity that brings White Sox fans together hours before first pitch and keeps them together as long after the final out as the Chicago Police Department will allow. Tailgating on the South Side is a tradition and Lot B is where we call home.

Standing on the former grounds of Old Comiskey Park, Lot B has brought many Sox fans great memories. You probably met new friends. You certainly had a good bite to eat. You might have left a game and not even cared about the score because the tailgate was that good. You most certainly had a beer or ten.

Lot B brings all sorts of people together. Friends, family, significant others, and strangers from Twitter all come together, fire up the grills, enjoy a beer, and have a great time. It certainly beats the hell out of standing shoulder-to-shoulder in the Cubbie Bear and paying $7.50 for a beer before the game.

You can make friends with anyone, we’re all White Sox fans here. However, everyone is different and everyone has their own unique role. Someone has to man the grill. Someone else has to empty beer cans. Good teams have role players and good role players accept and execute said role. Let’s meet Lot B’s lineup.

10. The Hero With a Crave Case

Many people like to describe White Castle as the “best drunk food.” Those people are both right and wrong. Sure, there is nothing better than a good slider when you’re rounding third on your way home to polishing off a 12-pack of Busch Lights.

However, White Castle is the best anytime food. Hell, have them for breakfast. It’s the perfect tailgate food. No mess, limited work to acquire the case, and everyone’s going to grab one. He who brings the crave case is to be honored.

9. The Guy Who Mistook This for a Bags Tournament


The set of bags is as integral to a tailgate as the beer, brats, grill, or any other item. It’s an absolute staple. People of all abilities gather around to throw a few. Some are much better than others.

Some are so good that they never seem to find themselves off the game. There is nothing worse than being a mediocre bags player and going up against this fellow and losing 21-0. Nothing got you ready for 2017 and 2018 White Sox baseball quite like a pounding of that variety.

8. The Celebrities Among Us


Wisconsin Basketball legend and current NBA big-man Frank Kaminsky has made his way to the old grounds of Comiskey Park. He’s something of a big White Sox fan. Even better, he’s a huge hater of the Chicago Cubs.

Naturally, he fit right in with the locals of Lot B. Frank wasn’t drunk like the rest of us, but he stopped, said hello, and was gracious enough to snap a few pictures. You never know who might show up to Lot B. You’re on deck, Obama.

7. The Awkwardly Standing Cubs Fan


Cubs fans love tagging along to White Sox games for the tailgate. Because while it is a tradition for Sox fans alike, everyone loves standing outside, grilling, drinking beer, and shooting the shit with their buddies.

However, let them not forget that they are in fact an outcast here. We let you come, but leave the Bryant jersey at home, chief. Throw away that stupid little “let’s play two” hat on your way in too. This is the South Side.

6. The Guy Who Secretly Doesn’t Give a Fuck About the Game and Would Rather Just Stay Out Here


Let’s be honest, with some of the terrible White Sox teams of the past five years, most of the time, the tailgate was far better than the game itself. Also, if we’re being honest, the beers outside are free and the ones inside are ten bucks.

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Now, with the White Sox now emerging as one of the better teams in the American League, the game’s intensity should begin matching the tailgate. Here’s to the White Sox bats working as hard as our livers.

5. The “How Many Drinks Has He Had?” Guy


There’s no better feeling than pulling in the lot, parking, popping the trunk, and cracking that first beer. You know it’s going to be the first of many. Sometimes, some end up over-serving themselves.

So many 12-ounce pieces of aluminum get emptied that it’s necessary to have a large garbage can near. If your eyes are looking straight ahead, you aren’t having the most fun possible.

4. The First-Time Girlfriend Who Has No Clue What She Got Herself Into


There are big moments in every relationship. Having your girlfriend meet your parents is a big step. Having her meet your Lot B family? Even bigger.

She thought you were simply going to a baseball game. Not quite, sweetie. Welcome to an all-day Olympics of beer drinking. Enjoy the cased meats. Have a shot or two. Smell that charcoal burn. Ah, the true test of a woman.

3. The Seasoned Veteran Wife Who Brings Jello Shots


This classic move, best known as the Jen Marchese, is a perfect ice-breaker. Now Jello might be food for children and those who had their tonsils removed, but add vodka and it is for the degenerates among us.

It is a well-proven fact that nobody has ever said no to a Jello shot. It’s un-American. There’s nothing better than a 10:00 AM shot to get going. Give me a lime, and let’s put em down.

2. The Hungover Walk of Shame Guy


If there is one thing sports fans love, it’s a good rally. If the White Sox erase a five-run deficit, we go nuts. Well, how about someone crawling out of a drunken slumber and rallying back to kill a 12-pack the next day?

You can always see it in their face. That first beer goes down a little rough, but it’s necessary. It gives you life. Skip the coffee, it’s a morning beer day. No better place to come back to life.

1. The Kid Getting Their First Glimpse of Alcoholic’s Anonymous


Children likely look into their father’s cooler ahead of a Sox game and think “who is going to drink all 50 of those beers?” Well son, you’re about to see something truly special.

It’s only American for the kids to run around, throw the ball back and forth, or toss a bag or two while dad empties beer cans. One might say it’s more American than, well, baseball.


Let’s also not forget that you will meet friends for life in Lot B. Nothing brings people together quite like grilled meats, beers, and baseball. Lot B is our home away from home and we will finally return to our hallowed grounds this weekend.

Join the group and purchase our Lot B Tailgate Crew shirt here. Good times, good eats and drinks, and good people await you where Comiskey Park once stood. Don’t miss out on the fun.