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Adam Engel Demoted to AAA to "Work On His Offense"

The centerfielder has been stellar defensively but brutal at the plate
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

Adam Engel, for the time being, is no longer a member of the Chicago White Sox. Let that statement sink in for a second. No more Adam Engel at-bats... in the near future.

Since joining the big league club in 2017, Engel has appeared in 266 games and amassed 857 plate appearances. Over that span, he has only accumulated .2 WAR. In 22 games so far this season, he hit .212 with 20 strikeouts, four walks and four RBI. While he was never billed as an offensive threat and defense is his calling card, he has had his fair share of opportunities to show what he can do against Major League pitching. After the announcement of the Engel's demotion, here is what Sox skipper Ricky Renteria had to say:

This statement can be taken two ways depending on how you think about it. On the surface, it seems like the White Sox still have faith that Engel can figure it out offensively down in AAA to become a productive Major League player on both defense and offense. On the other hand, Engel has never posted a .330 OBP in a league higher than AA and has also never hit above .242 in either AAA stint. These seem like they could be semi-lofty goals set for Engel. It is interesting that the specific average and OBP stated by Renteria are above what Engel has shown capable of doing at both the MLB and AAA levels, and would seemingly be numbers that Engel would have to reach in Charlotte to warrant another call up to the big leagues.

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Does this mean that we have seen the last of Adam Engel in a White Sox uniform? That remains to be seen, but if Engel can't hit .250 with a .330 OBP and still winds up back on the South Side, we have bigger problems.

Featured Photo: AP