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Baseball Movie Madness


GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS GUYS….it’s officially baseball season, as of last Wednesday in Japan I guess? Anyways, this means it’s baseball movie season, too! The ChiSox Weekly boys put together their top 3 baseball movies, each of which is near and dear to our hearts for a variety of reasons. Without further ado, the greatest baseball movies around.

DJ Musterd (@cwsdjt)

1. The Sandlot: I must have watched this movie 1000 times as a kid. I thought I was Benny the Jet, although I was a tad stockier. My friends and I essentially mimicked The Sandlot in my best buddy’s backyard (which had perfect Wiffleball dimensions by the way) by talking trash, hitting dingers, and chugging pop in 150 degree heat. I love this movie more than anything, and it really isn’t close…unless I’m feeling some Bostonians screaming at each other in “The Depahted”.

2. A League of Their Own: How can you not like this movie? I’m surprised none of the other ChiSox Weekly guys jumped on this. Do NOT sleep on this movie. Tom Hanks (as Jimmy Dugan) is hysterical. Geena Davis is fantastic as Dottie Hinson (who could probably hit a ball farther than all of us at one point). Don’t forget Marla Hooch…WHATTA HITTER!

3. Fever Pitch: I’m glad I blog with some people that respect the hell out of this movie. This movie really puts into perspective what it is like dating as a diehard baseball fan. Although this is about the Red Sox, I’m pretty sure my fiancé draws some comparisons to me and Ben Wrightman (Jimmy Fallon). Unfortunately, being a diehard White Sox fan is my cross to bear. It also has my favorite quote in any movie, especially about baseball. I'm sure this pertains to all of us. "Hey, how about sometimes I like to be eleven years old. I like being part of something that's bigger than me, than I. It's good for your soul!" Words have never been more true, as a baseball fan.

Tony Marchese (@chisoxmkz)

1. Field of Dreams: Who doesn't dream of waking up one day and hearing voices that tell you to do something damaging to your income in the name of baseball? Plus, this movie features Shoeless Joe, one of the greatest White Sox names of all time. Don't even get me started on having a catch with your dad. Best baseball movie ever.

2. The Sandlot: An American classic. I've seen this movie countless times, and each time it’s on, I get sucked in. I still hope I someday play a ballgame under the light of Fourth of July fireworks, and even if P.F. Flyers would look horrible on me, I'd love to get my hands on a pair.

3. Fever Pitch: A lot of tough choices to round out the top. But this is a ChiSox Weekly blog, and we love Fever Pitch. This movie accurately depicted what it's like to be in love with your team for better or for worse. And hey I'd wipe my ass with Cubs toilet paper, just as Fallon does with the Yankees.

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Jonda (@ChiSoxJonda)

1. Field of Dreams: NOTHING tops this movie for me.

2. Fever Pitch: We give a lot of people shit on this show for not seeing Fever Pitch because I do not really think you’re a baseball fan if you haven’t.

3. Moneyball: This movie had you locked from start to finish!

Jonnie Nonnie (@NonnieJonnie)

1. The Sandlot: A childhood favorite. So many memorable lines. A killer soundtrack. Wendy Peffercorn. Enough said.

2. Major League: As much as it pains me to promote anything featuring our rivals from Cleveland, there’s no denying that Major League is a classic baseball film. The profanity-laced situational baseball banter and commentary has me in stitches every time I watch it.

3. Rookie of the Year: This one is another childhood favorite of mine. I hate that it’s about the Cubs, but I love how ridiculous it is. Just check out the pitching coach, Phil Brickma.

There are definitely some “better” baseball movies that could be slotted here, but I’m going with Rookie of the Year for personal nostalgic reasons.

Patrick Comiskey (@Comiskey22)1. Fever Pitch: I’m not the biggest fan of sports movies because they’re typically ridiculously unrealistic. Fever Pitch’s sports component is based on one of the greatest sports stories of all time. The rest of the movie is even better. The film features my favorite movie quote ever. A young Ben is at Fenway falling in love with the Red Sox and Uncle Carl looks at him and utters: “Careful kid, they’ll break ya harrrt.” Boy oh boy, does that quote hit home for a die-hard sports fan.2. Major League Trilogy: Is there anything more electrifying than Ricky Vaughn coming in from the ‘pen with “Wild Thing” blaring? These movies are every bit of phenomenal. From Pedro Cerrano’s Jobu to Willy Mays Hayes stealing home to Ricky doinking Dorn’s wife, you can’t go wrong here.3. The Sandlot: An all-time classic with countless classic quotes. If someone were to leave this off their ranking, well “you’re killing me smalls.” You know what else is killing me? That remake the inexcusably put together. This movie feels like childhood and what better feeling could you ask for?Andrew Zimmer (@AndrewZimmer15)1. Little Big League: Love how they have all the greats from when I was a kid in that movie, Like Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Jr., Iván Rodríguez, and you can't forget Chris freakin’ Berman.2. Field of Dreams: An all-time classic. You cannot beat Shoeless Joe saying “Is this heaven?” and Ray responding, “No, it’s Iowa."3. Major League: Nothing like a team full of scrubs going out there, trying to piss off ownership. You CAN NOT forget about Charlie Sheen coming out of the ‘pen to “Wild Thing”.Andrew Kinzler (@akinzler25)1. The Sandlot: Just an absolute classic. The Sandlot is full of quotes that’ll be around forever. You also can’t forget about one of everyone’s first heart throb, Wendy Peffercorn. 2. Moneyball: Analytics may be for nerds, and the movie may not be fully factual, but the story itself is great. Jonah Hill’s transformation from Seth in Superbad to an MLB front office member is something to be seen, as well. 3. Bad News Bears: The remake of this movie couldn’t be more perfect with Billy Bob Thornton as the skipper of a bunch of rejects. The story of said rejects putting up a fight against the town assholes by the end of the movie puts him in line for Manager of the Year.There you have it. Whenever the White Sox aren't playing over the next several weeks, you can catch the ChiSox Weekly boys reacquainting ourselves with some classic baseball films. Oh, and Eloy Jiménez is on the Opening Day roster. Let's go!