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Billy Hamilton Finally Hits Inside-The-Park Home Run*

Billy Hamilton finally achieves his dream of hitting an inside-the-park home run* on June 1, 2021, against the Cleveland Indians.
Billy Hamilton White Sox

Photo: USA Today

Billy Hamilton has been waiting for what seems like forever to hit an inside-the-park home run in an MLB game. In fact, before reaching the majors, Hamilton had quite the inside-the-park home run pedigree.

Hamilton once hit an inside-the-park homer for Double-A Pensacola, during which Baseball America timed him traveling home to home in a mere 13.8 seconds. The video of the play has since been removed from the site, however, the legend of Billy Hamilton's impressive run remains in a tweet from JJ Cooper.

On June 1st, 2021, Hamilton finally achieved his goal of hitting an MLB inside-the-park home run, albeit not "officially". The official scorekeeper went on to rule the play a double with advancements on an error since Cleveland had some trouble throwing the ball around. Hamilton eventually tore his face apart sliding headfirst into home plate to cap off the play.

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It's incredible to think that Billy Hamilton still had not hit an inside-the-parker in the Majors before his ninth season. Some will even argue the one he hit against the Indians doesn't really count. The collective term as defined by baseball's advanced metrics community for Hamilton's recent feat is "Little League Home Run".

We here at Sox On Tap find nothing Little League about it. In fact, we have officially scored this as an inside-the-park home run in our own scorebooks. Check out the clip below and be sure to tune into Sox On Tap for more White Sox content.