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White Sox Spring Training Overreactions

Spring Training often leads to overreactions both positively and negatively for baseball fans. Baseball fans of all stripes can fall prey to this from time-to-time, although it's best not to do so.
White Sox Spring Training


I have a confession to make: I sometimes like to stir the pot. It's true, my heelish nature sometimes gets the best of me. Whether it's making fun of the Chicago Bears for firing one of three coaches in their history to take them to multiple playoff appearances or bringing people back down to earth regarding the lesser Fields that plays quarterback for the team. Or most recently, highlighting the fact that the Illinois Fighting Illini had yet another opening weekend tournament exit despite Twitter dot com telling me they could challenge the 1996 Bulls for best team of all time (unlike MY Purdue Boilermakers who have advanced to the Sweet 16).

If you've been to my Twitter account you've seen my various gimmicks that occupy my time during baseball's offseason. Look, I need to entertain myself without baseball and I think using social media to take harmless jabs is one of the most comical ways to do it. My favorite gimmick is one I have affectionately dubbed "Spring Training Overreactor." I decided to bring this back at the request of several on the ol' Twitter machine.

This gimmick calls for me to tweet angrily about various aspects of the game during Cactus League play as if I was born during the Eisenhower administration. Sadly, we all know someone who thinks this way. We only have a few weeks until the season opener in Detroit on April 8, so Season 2 of Spring Training Overreactor will be a little abbreviated. Alas, through the first weekend of games it has not disappointed.

The Substance

It starts harmless enough:

What follows is pure comedic gold:

The following string of Tweets comes from @BuckNut85, and I have to give him the award for Tweeter of the Week:

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Brett couldn't seem to get enough, so around and around we went.

We weren't done yet:

Thanks for playing Brett! Onto the action for Sunday 3/20:

Twitter user Jon receives honorable mention for this glorious exchange:

We were just getting warmed up, however.

Jon didn't realize that a winning mindset starts on Day 1 of Spring Training and that every game matters.

The first weekend of games proved one thing, I still got it! This gimmick will live on and I look forward to seeing who falls prey to Spring Training Overractor this coming week. There's only one way to wrap up this fun little column:

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