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ChiSox Weekly: Episode 25 - Seby Zavala

Since Tony introduced me in such a formal manner with the ChiSox Weekly Press Release, I'll jump right into the content. We dropped the 25th episode of ChiSox Weekly on Sunday featuring an interview with White Sox catcher Seby Zavala. He shared some great insight on life in the Minor Leagues, including this hilarious story about a fan at an opponent's ballpark antagonizing visiting teams with burnt toast. If you like this video, great! If you don't, that's too damn bad because I'll be creating content like this for ChiSox Weekly going forward.



Tony and Jon welcome a new member to the CSW crew and are later joined by Seby Zavala of the Chicago White Sox.

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1:39 - Intro
2:35 - Jonnie Nonnie joins ChiSox Weekly
7:20 - The Seby Zavala Train is Rolling Through
8:54 - Omar Narvaez for Alex Colome Trade and Non-Tender Deadline Moves
25:50 - Favorite Avi and Matty D White Sox Memories
30:31 - Leury Garcia Tendered
32:06 - What Roles do Yolmer and Delmonico Play Next Year?
34:30 - Harper/Machado Talk
41:33 - Free Agency: Possible White Sox Targets
1:01:22 - Jon’s Hot Dog Challenge at the Northwestern Game
1:10:53 - Seby Zavala Interview
1:31:00 - Wrap Up


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