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ChiSox Weekly: Episode 26 - We're Doin' It Live!

It's been a busy holiday season so I've been a bit delayed on putting this video together. Episode 26 of ChiSox Weekly was a blast to do live on Periscope, so a big thanks to everyone who tuned in and commented/gave us feedback. We look forward to doing more live shows in the future. Anyway, the Astros played the grinch and stole ChiSoxJonda's Christmas by signing Michael Brantley. Grieve with him in this teaser video for Episode 26 of ChiSox Weekly.



ChiSox Weekly hosts its first ever live stream event as the guys talk about what's new for ChiSox Weekly, Winter Meetings, more Harper/Machado rumors, Christmas, and announce the first ever ChiSox Yearly Awards.


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1:35 - Intro
2:10 - ChiSox Weekly Independence Day
4:50 - Michael Brantley is off the Table (RIP ChiSoxJonda)
6:07 - Machado's Meetings
15:34 - White Sox Insider [John]/More Machado
24:51 - White Sox Trades/Free Agent Signings
44:55 - Closing Thoughts Not Heard on the Live Stream
46:54 - ChiSox Yearly Awards
53:17 - Happy Holidays from ChiSox Weekly
59:30 - Wrap Up




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