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ChiSox Weekly: Episode 37 - Jake Burger (featuring Dane Dunning)

Listen to Episode 37 of ChiSox Weekly featuring White Sox prospects Jake Burger and Dane Dunning
Photos: Burger - JJA Sports Studio | Dunning - Chicago Tribune

Photos: Burger - JJA Sports Studio | Dunning - Chicago Tribune

Tony, Jonda, and Jonnie are joined by Jake Burger to discuss his rehab down in Arizona, bonding with other White Sox prospects, wild minor league stories, the Sox Twitter community, gaming, and much more. Jake also brings his roommate Dane Dunning on the call for quick hits. The guys close out the show with who's hot/who's not, a look at the week ahead, and more information about the next ChiSox Weekly tailgate.

1:32 - Intro
2:50 - White Sox News
3:44 - Jake Burger
37:35 - Quick Hits with Dane Dunning
42:20 - Going Off the Rails with Jake Burger
44:15 - Thank You to Our Guests
44:50 - Who's Hot, Who's Not
52:05 - The Week Ahead
52:49 - ChiSox Weekly Tailgate on 5/16/19
55:03 - Wrap Up
57:40 - ANCHOR AD

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Featured Photos: Burger - JJA Sports Studio|Dunning - Chicago Tribune