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Concerned or Not Concerned? What's Wrong with Carlos Rodón?

After leaving Monday's White Sox game in the third inning, is there a reason to be worried about Carlos Rodón?
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This is going to suck to write. To be honest with every reader here, I legitimately don't want to even type this out. Though I have to, I am worried about Carlos Rodón. If you happened to miss the Chicago White Sox game yesterday against the Detroit Tigers, Rodón left after just three innings.

White Sox manager Tony La Russa expressed concern after the series opener last night. He said that Rodón looked good and the team was encouraged in the first two innings. But once the third inning unfolded, the worry started to set in. Rodón had trouble locating his pitches and his velocity started to drop.

Though La Russa expressed concern, Rodón didn't seem too worried. Rodón chalked it up as "general soreness" and "nothing crazy." Let's hope that's the case.

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Is rest really what Rodón needs right now? He's had an average of nine days off between his last four starts. He's pitched 18 innings in his last four starts, throwing an average of 73 pitches per start with a 3.00 ERA. Now, the White Sox could be preserving his arm for the postseason, but the dip in velocity is still alarming.

Whether this is a legitimate shoulder injury creeping up on Rodón or it's a "dead arm" issue, concern regarding the southpaw is warranted. The White Sox are quickly approaching the most meaningful games of the year come October. If the lefty is injured and cannot be the Carlos Rodón who started the 2021 campaign off with a bang, the Sox could be in trouble.

Either way, cross your fingers, say a prayer, whatever you do to wish good juju/vibes, do it for 'Los.