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COVID-19 Comes to 35th/Shields

We have our first two known cases of COVID-19 that are impacting the White Sox.

We are just a few days into Major League Baseball's "Summer Camp" as teams prepare for an abbreviated 60-game season. We are already starting to see teams report confirmed positive tests of players, including notable players such as: Miguel Sano, Aaron Nola, and Freddie Freeman.

The White Sox took the opportunity to drop several notable tweets from their morning session. They showed highlights of Luis Robert smacking the ball all over Guaranteed Rate Field, and "Diamond" Dallas Keuchel and Carlos Rodon throwing bullpens from the main mound. The most notable tweet, however, is featured below:

So we have our first two known cases of COVID-19 that are impacting the White Sox. As the tweet mentions, the players have requested privacy of their identities during this time. However, that hasn't stopped a social media buzz as fans are trying to piece together the puzzle on who the players may be.

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Most notably, a minor stir has been created on social media surrounding the absence, thus far, of star third baseman, Yoan Moncada:

Ultimately, fans will not be informed of the players responsible for the two positive tests, nor should we, but it stands to reason that in the coming days we could be able to decipher who the individuals are based upon who is seen/reported at the ballpark for workouts. As Duber mentions above, the team is currently holding two separate workouts per day so they don't have access to the full player pool during the morning session.

Like most things surrounding COVID-19, things are really in a wait and see mode. We are still learning a tremendous amount about the virus on a daily basis, and there are still many things we simply don't know about it, unfortunately. One such factor is how will individuals who test positive for the virus respond once they are given the go ahead by medical professionals to begin training again.

On the other side of town, Cubs pitching coach Tommy Hottovy contracted the virus and told Mully & Haugh this week that it took him over a month to test negative for it. So, just how long it will take a player to overcome this? Right now, it will likely be an unique individual situation that we won't be able to forecast.

The sad reality is, this will most likely not be the final occurrence of COVID-19 impacting the White Sox. They are in a situation, like the other 29 teams, where they will have to utilize their player pool correctly to try and overcome any future unforeseen positive results that will impact the roster.