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Do YOU Want the Chicago White Sox to Make the Playoffs?

Playoffs or no playoffs? What do you want as a White Sox fan?
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Liam Hendriks Jose Abreu Celebration Chicago White Sox Win

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Do you want the Chicago White Sox to make the playoffs? This is seemingly a tougher question these days given the state of the White Sox' season. If you would have asked me this question at the beginning of the season, I'd say, "Hell yeah, of course!" Now, after a rollercoaster ride of a season, as I listen to sports talk radio hosts, fans that call in, and even just read the Twitter timeline, I'm not so sure all White Sox' fans feel this way. At least at this very moment. Let's dig in.

It seems a crowd of vocal fans want the White Sox to miss the playoffs to enact organizational change. Anyone that I have come across that doesn't want them playing into October, wants to see the staff fired if they miss. I can see the reasoning behind that line of thinking.

But some others believe the talent isn't as deep as we were led to believe.

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Now, of course, there are still fans that want them to make it. I will include myself in that group. Listen, I don't like Tony La Russa as the manager of this team either. However, if they do make the playoffs, they have a chance to win it all. That has always been the goal, hasn't it?

Though I want them to make the playoffs, I will say I do not disagree with the reasoning of some that do not. This team has been extremely infuriating to watch in 2022. If it isn't injuries plaguing them, it's been poor play and incompetent management. Watching the absurd mistakes hinder their chances of winning day in and day out is enough to drive any observer insane.

As I sit here writing this, the White Sox are three games back of the Guardians for first place in the AL Central. It isn't an impossible hill for them to climb to win the division. However, they need to start playing with some consistency SOON. If they don't, it will be a year wasted of this core that was sold to fans by Rick Hahn as a potential powerhouse.

Again, there isn't a right or a wrong answer here. If you chose to read this, you're probably a fan like me. You want what you believe is best for your favorite team. As mentioned before, I choose the "make the playoffs" option. You can't win if you aren't in.