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Don't Come at Timmy or You'll Get Run Over

Tim Anderson is a force to be reckoned with on and off the field
Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Our gritty South Siders came into Wednesday's series finale against the Royals on Wednesday ready to roll. The boys were BUZZING. After taking two of three in the Bronx and taking the first two games of this series, this game had significant meaning. From the get go, there was a feeling that something big was going to happen.

Well, something HUGE happened!

Enter Tim Anderson... I'm pretty sure that everyone on White Sox Twitter has seen his majestic 418 foot moonshot followed by what some are calling the best bat flip and pimp job of the year. We've seen it countless times already, but how about we make that a few more?!

This was nothing short of incredible. Every single aspect of that home run celebration was well deserved. When you hit a towering home run like that, you deserve to go nuts every now and then. I mean, heck, pitchers have over-the-top celebrations following strikeouts all the time. That's how some players, Tim Anderson included, show their passion for the game and I love it. Celebrations make watching sports more exciting and also invigorate energy into a fan base and even players within the system.

As expected, the Royals made it a point to retaliate. That's the way that baseball is but I mean, come on. If you really want to get even, strike him out with your best fastball and make him look stupid. Better yet, don't give up a homer in the first place! Tim Anderson was doing what he is paid to do and it's really that simple. The benches-clearing brawl then ensued which you absolutely love to see. Some of our guys had their own thoughts on the situation as a whole so I won't dive into that. DJ wrote about the unwritten rules and Comiskey got some serious love on his piece about Joe West (I mean, Rob Lowe liked it so you probably would too).

Everything seemed to end after the game until Randal Grichuk of all people decided that he wanted some relevance.

In my opinion, he really shouldn't be talking on Twitter about something being "meaningless." He hasn't done anything that I would call spectacular in his career, so much so that I nearly forgot he was on the Blue Jays. I guess a .186 batting average in playoff games didn't make him too meaningful to the Cardinals, so he joined a franchise that'll ensure he won't have to play in meaningful games for quite some time.

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Turns out the rest of the world lost track of him because unless you're Vlad Guerrero Jr., people don't care about you whatsoever when you're on the Blue Jays. So sorrey about ya there, bud!

He tried to make people remember who he was, and now a bunch of people do for all of the wrong reasons because Timmy came back at him, and he came back SWINGING.

Timmy from the top rope! He knew this was about him so why not call Grichuk out? He isn't wrong either, as it seems like the rest of Twitter is on Team Timmy. After realizing he done goofed, he backtracked a bit and insisted that this wasn't directed at Timmy.

Yeah... I'm not so sure about that one. So he just woke up on Wednesday feeling dangerous and ready to let his thoughts roll on pimping homers? The same day that the most controversial home run celebration of the season occurred? That just isn't adding up to me, Randers.

Toronto comes to town for a four-game series from May 16-19. Things worked out beautifully since we just happened to have scheduled a joint tailgate with White Sox Dave on Thursday, May 16th. The stars are aligning and White Sox Twitter needs to show up in full force ready to tailgate our asses off and give Randal Grichuk hell from the outfield bleachers. Join us in Lot B and inside the stadium so we can watch Timmy pimp a home run off of Stroman. I'm talking way more extravagant than what we saw yesterday. You already know Timmy has more up his sleeve!

I'll be there, and now so you will you. Book it!

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Featured Photo: The Athletic