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Festivus 2019: An Airing of Chicago Sports Grievances

And now we air our grievances for this embarrassing year of sports in Chicago

From On Tap Sports Net, I would like to wish all of our loyal readers a Happy Festivus.

For those of you who do not know what Festivus is, it is an airing of grievances from the past year. Frank Costanza brought this wonderful holiday into our lives in Seinfeld back in 1997. Here is a quick video that really exemplifies the tradition of the holiday.

In Chicago, we have more than a few grievances we would like to share from the year 2019. It is a year that fans of each and every team in the city would rather never mention again. Now it is time to sit each and every franchise in this city down at the dinner table, this could take a while.

Chicago Bears

We will start with the biggest disappointment in 2019, the Chicago Bears. The year started off with so much hope, NFC North champions, and a playoff game at Soldier Field. The double doink started what would be one of the worst years in franchise history. Matt Nagy went from Coach of the Year to public enemy #1 for a lot of Bears fans. Mitch Trubisky took all of the progress he made in 2018 and zapped it from his brain like he was in Men In Black. The Bears went into the season as potential Super Bowl contenders and will wrap up 2019 watching the playoffs from the couch.

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Chicago Bulls

Unlike the Bears, this team had very low expectations in 2019. Gar/Pax still run this organization, so they continued to be the biggest circus in town. Jim Boylen was given a contract extension while the front office once again ran zero coaching search. The Bulls went into the 2019-2020 season with playoff aspirations, Jim Boylen had other ideas. He has somehow managed to stunt the growth of every promising player. As I am typing this, the Bulls have managed to string a few decent games together. I hate to repeat myself but Gar/Pax still run this organization. The Reinsdorf family still owns this team. With clowns running this once proud franchise, the circus will continue to show up on Madison Street.

Chicago Cubs

As I continue to go from team to team, it hits even harder how awful the year was for Chicago sports. The Chicago Cubs fit right along with the other teams in the city as 2019 was an absolute abomination. It started with an offseason headlined by the front office sitting on their hands because ownership cares more about the actual stadium than the product on the field. The season was one I would rather not even talk about. Let's just say the Cubs forgot how to play baseball when they need to play the sport to win vital games. The year ended with what seems to be another offseason with the front office sitting on their hands because ownership cares more about the actual stadium than the product on the field. Fun times at Clark and Addison, fun times indeed.

Chicago White Sox/Chicago Blackhawks

I am not a fan of either of these teams but I now follow enough avid fans of these teams to give you some aired grievances from 2019. We will start with the Hawks. The greatest coach in franchise history was fired by that bozo Stan Bowman. The same man who has traded players who are now stars for teams not named the Chicago Blackhawks. He continues to waste the end of the career of an all time duo in NHL history. All I know is in Chicago we want to fire Stan Bowman and would prefer if Jeremy Colliton bought a one way ticket out of Midway.

Just a few days ago, the Southsiders were worried this would once again be an offseason filled with empty promises. Uncle Ricky had other plans for Sox fans this Christmas. This is the only organization that will probably enjoy this Festivus. Sox fans are over the moon with what has transpired in the last few months and they are thinking playoffs in 2020. The future is very bright on the South Side, if only some of that shine would spill over to other franchises in this city.

Here's to 2020 being a much better year than 2019 folks!

Featured Photo: YouTube