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Jose Abreu Deserves Multiple Playoff Runs

Six years has been long enough. The White Sox captain deserves a taste of the postseason.
Photo: AP

Photo: AP

After the third day of Spring Training in the books, Jose Abreu was asked about his free agency this past November and one answer stood out to me.

I love this man. He loves being a White Sox and being part of the culture at 35th and Shields. He is the captain of this team and wears his heart on his sleeve. He also comes up clutch, A LOT.

Abreu was rewarded handsomely for his first six seasons with the White Sox by signing a three-year, $50 million extension that some believe was an overpay because of his continuing regression as he gets older. I didn't mind the White Sox giving Abreu more than he is worth. His stellar play on all of the bad White Sox teams with and his leadership with the Latin American youngsters stood out to me. Abreu may regress, but the value of Abreu's leadership and loyalty meant a lot to the White Sox outside of his bat.

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Given what Jose has been through the past six years with the White Sox, it is finally time to get him to the postseason. He will finally have great support around him in the lineup, which should result in multiple postseason runs. Abreu has seen the dark times this past decade with the Adam LaRoche debacle, the Chris Sale temper tantrum, and the three-year rebuild. I'm happy he is wearing black and white as the rebuild is coming to an end. He deserves to lead this team into October for the next three years and beyond.