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Jose Abreu Named Hank Aaron Award Finalist

The White Sox first baseman has been nominated for the award that recognizes each league's best hitter annually.

The Hank Aaron Award is given to one player annually to baseball’s best hitter. This year’s winner will be in great company along with players like Mike Trout, J.D Martinez, the first recipients, Manny Ramirez and Sammy Sosa and more. Earlier today, the MLB released a list of the finalists for this year's Hank Aaron Award.

Jose Abreu, Jose Ramirez, Mike Trout, Nelson Cruz, DJ LeMahieu, Brandon Lowe, and Teoscar Hernandez were all named award finalists for 2020.

Photo: Baseball Almanac

Photo: Baseball Almanac

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Jose Abreu led the finalists in home runs with 19 and RBIs with 60. Ramirez and Trout both ended the season with two less home runs at 17 and the list continues receding from there. On the other hand, Abreu’s number of runners batted in was not close, holding a 14 RBI lead over the next batters, also Ramirez and Trout at 46. 

Only three players broke into the .300 bracket in batting average on this list. Abreu finished at .317, Nelson Cruz at .303, and DJ LeMahieu finished with a whopping .364 with no one near him.

Photo: Jonathon Daniel/Gettyimages

Photo: Jonathon Daniel/Gettyimages

All batters with the exception of Brandon Lowe and Teoscar Hernandez had an OPS near 1.000, Abreu had an .987 OPS, Nelson Cruz was at .992, Jose Ramirez and Mike Trout both resided at .993, and DJ LeMahieu, with another hefty lead and large number, clocked in at 1.011.

While trying not to be a homer, I think this award screams Jose Abreu. Abreu played all 60 games, put up unbelievable numbers, and stayed consistent over the course of the season. The numbers came gradually over the season, not during one three week long hot streak that blew up his stats. If Abreu wins the prestigious honor of being able to call himself the Hank Aaron Award winner, it will be the award's first trip to the south side.