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Kelvin Herrera Accused of Assault at a Cockfight

White Sox reliever Kelvin Herrera could be in some hot water after a recent physical altercation.
Photo: Nam Y. Huh/AP

Photo: Nam Y. Huh/AP

This is a loaded headline, but per On Tap's guy, Héctor Gómez, there is video evidence of a recent physical altercation involving White Sox reliever Kelvin Herrera:

Herrera seems to be antagonized by someone else in attendance at this cockfight in the Dominican Republic. Wow. I can't believe I read that...and saw that. It's almost turkey day, and we're talking about roosters? Not cool. This is a day for turkeys to be celebrated in all of their glory. Outside of sandwiches, people don't usually take all day to prepare a turkey. Let them have their time in the sun (or oven), roosters!

I wonder if the chickens will come home to roost in the next few weeks for Herrera. Time will tell how the White Sox reaction to this incident. Seriously, though, this is not a good look.

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Featured Photo: Nam Y. Huh/AP