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Lucas Giolito Fires Back at Josh Donaldson

Minnesota Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson made some controversial comments and White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito was not having it.
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Lucas Giolito White Sox

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During the Chicago White Sox Tuesday night victory over the Minnesota Twins, some drama took place. White Sox pitcher Lucas Gioltio was taken deep in the first inning from Josh Donaldson. As Josh Donaldson rounded the base path, he made a very controversial statement about Lucas Giolito.

As we all know the MLB is cracking down on foreign substances with pitchers. This statement by Donaldson obviously struck a chord with Gioltio who made comments about it after the game.

Josh Donaldson has been a thorn in the White Sox side since signing with the Twins in 2020. Donaldson has always been known for his colorful and fiery personality. Though on this night, Lucas Giolito was not having it. Maybe Josh Dondalson should worry about his team winning instead of talking smack.

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