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MLB and Players Association Plan to Meet Thursday

The MLB and MLBPA are set to meet on Thursday. If the meeting doesn't yield progress, the season is in danger of starting timely.
Nick Madrigal Nico Hoerner Cubs MLB lockout

Photo: Marquee Sports Network

Per ESPN, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association are planning to meet Thursday in what would be the first meeting for each side since the lockout began.

There is still a long way to go it seems, but it is the first step in potentially ending this mess between the Players Association and Rob Manfred.

Manfred and owners around the league plan to make a proposal at the session.

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As we enter mid-January, something needs to happen soon if the league plans to start the 2022 season on time. The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal wrote recently about how players who are rehabbing around the league have to navigate many obstacles just to keep teams up to date on their injury status and progression.

In this instance, he spoke to Cubs infielder Nick Madrigal on the trade between the White Sox and Cubs and how he reports his rehab progression through personal coaches and his trainers.

On one side of the spectrum, it's no big deal. However, the Cubs will not know first-hand from Madrigal and how he is progressing until the lockout ends.

In the grand scheme of things, it simply makes things harder for players and teams to keep tabs on their players, but this is the lockout world.

The MLB and Players Association need to come to an agreement sooner rather than later or else more and more teams will continue to have this problem. That said, this is just one issue the league is facing during this lockout.