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MLB Field of Dreams Game: Date, Time, and Broadcast Details Confirmed

FOX confirms the MLB Field of Dreams game will air on August 12th, 2021.
MLB Field Of Dreams Game

Photo: MLB

Major League Baseball is not exactly known for its innovation and creativity when it comes to growing the game. However, it took a major step forward in this regard in August 2019. That's when it was first announced that the following season a real, live, meaningful baseball game would be played at the historic Field of Dreams Site in Dyersville, IA, a move universally loved by fans of the sport.

In a nod to the 1989 classic, Field of Dreams (filmed in the same location), and the 1919 Black Sox Scandal (a supporting theme in the movie), the White Sox were slated to play in this historic game against the Yankees, making it all the more exciting for Sox fans.

Significant changes to the site were required to make it hospitable for a Major League game and the regulations that come along with that, and construction started immediately. A second, much larger field was built in the surrounding cornfields, with a path carved through the corn leading attendees to it. The renderings shared were truly beautiful, and the official plan was to allow roughly 8,000 fans to experience the event in person.

Due to divisional realignment during the 2020 season as a result of COVID-19 protocols, the Cardinals were set to take the Yankees' place. However, the game was not meant to be, at least in 2020. MLB officially canceled the event one year after announcing it. This was a big blow for White Sox fans and especially those of us located in Iowa.

Alas, the preparation and excitement were not in vain. It was confirmed in late 2020 that pending the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the game was back on for the following August.

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Today, that plan has been solidified with an official date, time, and broadcast schedule:

I personally still think that attending the game in person is not going to be feasible for a commoner such as myself, but I assure you this will be an EVENT across Iowa all the same. I hope to see White Sox fans flood this beautiful state of mine to cheer on our beloved White Sox in this historic game.

Whether in-person, tailgating at or near the site, or just watching in someone’s backyard, we WILL be partying in Iowa, and it’s time to start planning!

In the meantime, if you haven’t had you daily dose of chills, take a minute to watch one of the greatest movie speeches of all time.

Go White Sox!