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MLB Owners Approve Proposal for 2020 Season

The MLB will present the MLBPA with a proposal to start the 2020 season.
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

According to MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal, the MLB owners have approved a proposal to play the 2020 MLB season.

Tomorrow, the league and the MLB Players Association will meet to discuss the proposal. There is a lot that will go into this proposal, including the safety of the players and staff in each organization along with the compensation for players.

There is almost a zero percent chance fans will be allowed, but at this point, almost everyone can agree that as long as there's baseball, we'll be very happy. Rumors have circled earlier this month that teams would play their divisional opponents along with opponents from the same geographical division in the opposite league. Also in those rumors, the playoffs would be expanded along with rosters, the DH could be used universally, and the season would begin around Independence Day.

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There are a whole bunch of hurdles for the MLB and MLBPA to jump over for the season to begin safely, but it looks like the league is working hard to give us back some normalcy during this pandemic.