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New Era Has Lost Its Mind With the Latest MLB Hats

This design screams "the CEO's son designed this and nobody is going to object because we like our jobs here."
Photo: Wikimedia

Photo: Wikimedia

Baseball caps are as American as apple pie, a good hot dog (hold the ketchup), and, well, baseball itself. With 30 Major League teams, hat buyers have quite a few options when diving into a retail shop with New Era caps for sale. Hell, most of these teams have multiple designs.

New Era has recently begun making multiple different designs for multiple different teams. Now, I do not work for New Era, but I can confidently say that it might have something to do with money. However, New Era couldn't make enough money in the world to save themselves the embarrassment from their latest design. Fellow On Tap contributor @BuzzOnTap and I both had thoughts on the designs that rolled out today, and we're here to share them with you. Without further ado, BEHOLD (but cover your eyes too).

Comiskey's Take

I mean, where to begin? Do we start with the ill-placed City of Chicago flag? Or do we dig in on that emoji-like deep dish pizza that has somehow found its way onto the heads of Major League Baseball players?

This feels like a joke. Remember when the Chicago Bears released those fake jerseys where every player's number was in the 100s for their 100th season? That is what these hats feel like. When are the good folks at New Era going to come out and hit us with the 'jk'?

Does the City of Chicago flag have a place on a Cubs or White Sox hat? Absolutely. That is a beautiful flag. It doesn't take anything away from that hat and only brings a nice addition of class to the cap. However, when you cram it right next to the main logo on the front, you have a mess.

New Era is the cream of the crop when it comes to making hats. This design screams "the CEO's son designed this and nobody is going to object because we like our jobs here." I mean seriously, these abominations probably floated through a couple different boardrooms. Nobody stood up and was like "pardon me, but that shit is atrocious."

As for the deep dish pizza... seriously? What kind of lazy bullshit is that? You couldn't do just a little bit of research on Chicago first? Chicagoans like more than deep dish. Hell, most of the people here prefer thin-crust pizza cut into tiny squares like God intended pizza to be.

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Even if we did blow our load for deep dish, that doesn't mean we want it on our baseball team's hat. I simply do not understand the thought process. Are we giving these away to children? They are the only humans who could look at these and think "hey, not half bad."

It's not just Chicago either. New Era tried to take down every team, city, and fanbase along the way. Each and every single one is a train wreck. Check them out, but look at it like you would look at a solar eclipse.

Buzz's Take

I begin my segment by saying that I usually love whatever New Era puts out, but not this time.

Upon waking up this morning, I looked over at my phone after a night of putting Miller Lites away to see this. My initial reaction was, why? Who thought this was a good idea? Listen, I love the Chicago flag on the front of the hat, I do. But the deep dish pizza on the back? Really? Not to mention, New Era didn't distinguish the uniqueness of both franchises, they gave the White Sox and the Cubs the same hat! That's lame and weak.

When I think about the ballpark experience, especially going to Guaranteed Rate Field, I think about Dollar Hot Dogs, the Red Line, beers, and pinwheels. They had an opportunity to make this hat cool and tough, yet we are left with this monstrosity.

So, New Era, I ask you to please redo this hat. Just because both the White Sox and Cubs share the same city doesn't mean you should make the hats so similar. The "Team Describe" series should be unique to each team and the different parts of the city they represent.

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I think it's safe to say Buzz and I are in agreement that these hats are a flop. Every company probably preaches innovation. "Change is necessary to keep us moving forward," or some bullshit like that has come from every boss's mouth. Well, guess what, New Era, change and innovation brought you backward today and you should be embarrassed by yourself, much like anyone who purchases one of these hats should be.