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Oscar Colas and Luis Robert “Like Brothers”

The White Sox got their man by signing Oscar Colas. He joins a plethora of Cuban players, including Luis Robert who is like a 'brother."
Oscar Colas Luis Robert White Sox

Photo: Swing Completo Deportes TV/YouTube

The future is bright for the Chicago White Sox, especially in their outfield. Luis Robert has risen to be one of the best young players in the league. Now the Sox latest signing, Oscar Colas, is looking to model his game around Robert's success. The best news is, this relationship is not new.

In his introductory press conference, Colas said Luis Robert is like a "brother." Colas and Robert have known each other since 2015, as both played on the Cuban National Team in the U-18 Baseball World Cup. The newest signee joins Robert by continuing the Sox rich history with the Cuban baseball community. Colas comes in as the fifth-best international prospect ready to make an impact.

"As Cubans, it's always good for us to have some sort of familiarity with the team that we're going to play (for),” Robert told NBC Sports Chicago last spring. “I think that makes our decision easier. Just knowing that when you have offers from different teams, one of those teams is the White Sox and you know what they've done with Cuban players, you know that when you sign with that team, you're going to have other Cubans that are going to take care of you, that can help you in the adjustment process."

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"That's something that you really can't measure, how valuable that is for us. But it's something that plays a big role in our decision when we choose a team."

The History Between Cuban Players and the White Sox

Ever since new Hall of Famer Minnie Minoso was on the Sox, the respect for the organization from Cuban players has been strong. As it stands, the White Sox currently have Cubans, Luis Robert, José Abreu, Yoán Moncada, and Yasmani Grandal leading the charge. Yolbert Sanchez, Yoelkis Cespedes, and Norge Vera are also recent signings currently in the Sox system.

Colas said Robert, Cespedes, and Sanchez all spoke very highly of the organization's treatment of players. If Colas or any of the other Cubans can make it to the big league team, it will only cement Chicago’s relationship with Cuban players. The brotherhood could last for generations.